A 19 year old youth suspected of killing the late Kabete MP George Muchai felt exasperated in court as the prosecution requested he be detained for two weeks.

Simon Wambugu Gichamba was arrested in Kangemi and taken to court today but the prosecution requested he be detained so that “he may help in tracing his accomplices.” Mr Muchai’s burial is planned for Friday while his aides will be laid to rest over the weekend and early next week.

Mr Wambugu who at first appeared not to follow proceedings did not object to the request for detention but was surprised that he was being linked to a murder.

“Am I being charged with murder?” he asked in Swahili but the prosecutor reassured him that he was only being held for investigations pending a possible murder charge.

His reaction was quickly interpreted by pundits to mean that teen may most probably be just a quick fix to show the public that progress was being made.

The prosecutor said there were compelling reasons for Mr Wambugu’s stay in custody to help “with investigations.”

“The suspect is to be charged with murder… investigations are incomplete and the police require more time,” Mr Kyaa said.