“Reported by GSU Constable Robert Wachira that while manning the main gate to the home of her Excellence Mama Ngina Kenyatta at around 1330 hrs, he was approached by one Siad Mire Siyad who inquired on the whereabouts of Her Excellence Mama Ngina, ” the police report seen by Nairobi News stated.

“Constable Wachira later escorted the suspect to Gatundu CID office, where upon being interviewed, he alleged to have come to visit Mama Ngina,” the report adds.

Mr Siyad was interrogated at Gatundu CID office for an unspecified period and then escorted to the Anti Terrorism Police Unit headquarters for further investigation.

Prosecutor Daniel Karuri told the court that the incident happened on Tuesday.

The suspect will be detained at a police station in Nairobi for 15 days after police decided that the reasons he had given for “trespassing into the property could not be  substantiated.”


” The respondent is believed to have been sent to the presidential residence to carry out surveillance for a terrorism attack. Pursuant to preliminary investigations, the suspect has other associates who are yet to be arrested,” argued Mr  Karuri.

“The anti-terrorism unit believes the suspect is engaged in organised crime in and out of the country,” he added.