‘Stop Politicising The handshake, My Relationship With Raila Is Deep’- Uhuru Warns DP Ruto Allies

President Uhuru today warned DP Ruto allies against politicising his working relationship and shared presidency with Raila Odinga popularly known as the handshake.

Uhuru said their relationship was deep. Here are the key takeaways from today’s encounter between Uhuru, Raila, Ruto and Mama Ngina Kenyatta at Holy Family Minor Basilica during the 40th anniversary of the death of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta;

1. Uhuru said that many people do not understand their handshake with Raila and that there was deep,deep,deep understanding that many still can’t understand. What’s deep?

2. He also said that politics is there and people can politic and that that’s normal. However, it can’t go against their handshake because they (him and Raila) know it’s meaning. What does that mean?

3. Raila talked about building bridges and going to Canaan together. Which Canaan again?

4. Uhuru said that they may even compete again but not based on ethnicity. Where again is the competition and for what?

5. Ruto fumbled and didn’t look happy as Raila. He was also not applauded like Raila. Kwani kuna nini na Ruto?

6. Ruto was closer to Uhuru than Raila yet when Uhuru greeted them, it was just a handshake for Ruto and serious greeting to Raila shaking and shaking and shaking hands. What does that symbolize?