”Stop Implicating Governor Obado Yet He Is Innocent, Devastated By Death of Lover”- Governor Sonko Warned

One big question; what if governor Obado is 100% innocent? What if he has never had intention or even a thought of losing Sharon as a confidant, lover and friend? deep inside/privately the governor may be mourning death of his love…

Well, many have demanded Governor Obado speak out over the murder of Sharon Otieno, others have asked DCI to arrest the governor and have him record a statement. Having been mentioned adversely especially on social media /mainstream media especially remarks by Sharon’s mother he decided to send a lawyer to witness autopsy in Migori- this was very normal considering evidence can be dumped to implicate the governor given the matter has a political dimension.

But then again, the good lawyer Cliff Ombeta was vilified on social media for taking up Obado’s brief- like do you guys understand what you are gossiping about? So Obado keeps quiet to give investigating agencies humble time to their job and you are yapping? He sends a lawyer to witness a autopsy you are still outraged, what exactly do you want him to do?

From all that we have read online the two (Sharon and Governor) knew each other well and had a thing running; may be love or just a fling with strong feeling, business partners etc all of which is no crime.

The Kenyan law allows married men to associate, mingle, seduce and to love and then upon approval of the wife (wives) he can proceed to marry a second/third/4th wife; so as far as we know, nothing Sharon and Obado were doing is wrong- two consenting adults, whether for money/tenders etc is no crime…

Now, it’s obvious, Governor Obado is doomed, a very unfair situation, whether guilty or innocent the majority miserable or its deplorables/ haters have concluded the no nonsense politician is guilty. Even those with low self-esteem like Governor Sonko and KCPE failure Hon Oscar Sudi have already concluded Obado is guildy and should face a firing squad at a public square at mid-day.

Now, what is Obado is innocent? what if Obado is equally mourning even harder than the family of Sharon, have you ever lost a lover? you all have felt the pain of being dumped? Now, have you ever experienced the pain of losing a lover to such a macabre killing and then you are blamed on it? just figure out the pain of your nudes going viral, then fake stories that you were sharing a lover with your son? You guys were Obado dead!

It’s obvious, some people are mourning than those close Sharon, especially those associated with ODM leadership that is anti-Obado, who got a better chance to hit at the governor.

Obado has gone through hell, do you know how much he had to spend on ODM cartels to get the ODM certificate yet he was a clear favorite? the price of going against the grain in Nyanza is too big to bear, Nyong’o and Orengo have experienced it. The Prof Ouma Muga knew it and lived it.

You may have noticed that the family of Sharon have now relaxed, emotions have settled and are now facing the reality that their friend Obado who might be innocent may be going through hell. The fact that he asked Sharon to terminate the pregnancy is not proof of intent to kill – mens rea and actus reas. Its good that Sharon family have come to their senses and will be good to now calm and help agencies to investigate.

Dear good people, give governor Obado a break , let him mourn his lover privately, let the investigating agencies do their job, we all facing challenges from rising cost of living, broken marriage, poor health but please lets not project our challenges to Sharon’s death.

Let’s wait and stone Obado once he is declared guilty!