Exposed: Former Prof Githu Muigai Is Luyha , father was Hon Kalani Lumbembe an MP and COTU boss

The immediate former AG Prof Githu Muigai is perhaps the most decorated internationally as compared to the present and past holders of the office. Githu is world re-known especially owing to his academic achievements and litigation experience.

At his law practice that they jointly own with CBK Chair Mohammed Nyaoga, the good professor is known as the perfectionist and the most strict of the partners in the firm.

In a country where ethnicity is glorified it will come as a suprise to many who have all along assumed prof Githu Muigai to be a Kikuyu 100%, on the contrary the good professor’s father is Luyha, yes you heard it right LUYHA!

His father was a former COTU boss one Hon Clement Kalani Lumbembe (Luyha) and his mother a Kikuyu. His father Hon Lumbebe succeeded Tom Mboya as the Secretary General of workers umbrella body COTU. He died in March 1997 and AG Githu Muigai actively participated with his other siblings to give his father got a befitting send-off.

Hon Lumbebe later become an assistant minister, his parents did not get married but the good prof maintains strong relations with his Luyha relatives. Prof turns 57 this year.

Prof Githu Muigai resigned before expiry of his tenure in what was seen as frustration by Statehouse mafia who misadvised Uhuru to consistently break the law, as the chief government legal adviser the good professor could not stand betrayal and thus he existed.

Prof Muigai is known NOT to have been a favourite in the inner echelons of the presidency, which at times turned to Muturi, a longtime friend of the President, for critical advice (MIS-ADVICE) and execution of delicate legal tasks such as pushing controversial legislation through Parliament.

Muigai holds a bachelor’s degree in Law degree from the University of Nairobi, a master’s degree in International Law from Columbia University School of Law, and was awarded a doctorate degree in law in November 2002.

Prior to to becoming Attorney General, Prof Muigai served in the defunct Constitution of Kenya Review Commission and at the United Nations as Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

He was appointed to replace Amos Wako on August 27, 2011 by then President Mwai Kibaki and was retained by President Kenyatta when he assumed office in 2013.