CONFIRMED: Sharon Otieno Was Raped, Tortured, Stabbed 8 Times, Died From Excessive Breeding

The Government Pathologist has confirmed that Sharon Otieno was stabbed eight times and died from excessive bleeding.

Dr. Johansen Oduor also confirmed the report from homicide detectives that the unborn baby also had stab wounds.

“Sharon was stabbed three times on the neck, four times on the back and on the left side of the abdomen,” he told journalists after concluding the autopsy on Friday.

Dr. Oduor further noted that Sharon Otieno had several other bruises indicating there was a struggle before she was killed.

Detectives earlier revealed that several used condoms were found at the scene of the crime meaning that her attackers raped her before the killing.

More samples have been drawn from the body for further analysis to help unravel the mystery surrounding her death, he added.

Michael Oyamo, the PA to Migori Governor Okoth Obado, is to remain in police custody as investigations into the death of Sharon Otieno and the abduction of Nation journalist Barack Oduor continue.