Raila Looks More Presidential Than Hustler Ruto- Mutahi Ngunyi

Political pundit Mutahi Ngunyi has claimed Deputy President is abrasive, arrogant and un-presidential.

“Because Ruto is my friend, my advise to him is to climb down. The more abrasive he gets, the better Raila gets, and Raila is beginning to look more presidential than him,” Ngunyi said in his weekly political you-tube vlog- The Fifth Estate.

Ngunyi advised Deputy President William Ruto to drop his Nyayo era style of politics if he is to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The pundit claimed the DP was working extremely hard to make sure he does not clinch the presidency because he had refused to change tact and that he is likely to lose the seat to his arch nemesis Raila Odinga. 

Ngunyi argued Ruto was trying hard to become president on his on terms and in the process making mistakes that could cost him the very thing he is after.

“Ruto will not become president, and I have said that in the past, he would be made president. Uhuru Kenyatta will make him president, and Uhuru will make him president on Uhuru’s terms, end of discussion. But Ruto is bent on becoming president on his own terms. He wants to make himself president, and in my view this approach is completely untaught.”

Ngunyi opined that in the event that Uhuru abandons him, Ruto would use the hustler nation as a weapon against the president and ODM party leader, Raila, in his quest to become president.

“If Uhuru does not support Ruto, then Ruto’s strategy is to use the hustler nation. He will use class as weapon against Uhuru and Raila. And he has already began doing it. The problem with this hustler culture however is that it is all chest but no brains. The hustler will pride in having the heart of a lion even if he has a brain of an ox,” he added.