QUESTIONS Journalist Abducted With Sharon Otieno Cannot Answer, Dots Not Connecting At All.

Two questions that journalist Barack Oduor must as a matter of necessity answer before he leaves hospital this afternoon; the story doesn’t add up!

1. If guy was sandwitched at the back seat between two possible hit men, how did he get out of the speeding vehicle?

2. The hired hit men, were they armed? If so wasn’t it easier to just open fire at that back seat and ferry dead bodies as opposed to transporting alive resisting persons?


-Kidnapped in Rongo.

-Jumped from a speeding vehicle(Nyangweso)

-Ran to a nearby home

-Reported the incidence at Kendu police Station

-Rushed to Agakhan Hospital Kisumu.

-Hospital received the death of Sharon.

-Transferred Barrack to an Hotel where he was being attended

-Left the Hotel yesterday to change from an Apartment nearby

-Left an Apartment and was rushed to the Airport

-Landed safely in Europe.



1. Why report in Kendu Bay and not Homa Bay which was closer?

2. Why run to Kisumu then move from hospital to a private facility?

3. Why aren’t people talking about the other husband (teacher) who took her back to college?

Well, some pundits are not convinced that the story is as is story, there is more to the story than what Barrack Oduor is telling us; sample this scenario when politics becomes interesting:

You plan a blackmail with a reporter, agree to go and seal the real deal that you think will put you ahead of your peers in terms of resources and big life, it backfires. The reporter allegedly drops from a moving vehicle and only emerges with a torn trouser at the knees and you wonder how this was accurate as none of his body parts got injured. A person falling from a moving vehicle would suffer from body bruises, fractures even if mild and so on but this is not evidenced in the widely shared images of the reporter. Keen individuals will tell you, the trouser was “hand-torn” to justify the story.

A story comes out in the very media the reporter works for indicating how the reporter is recuperating from a prestigious hospital in Kisumu and at the same time, if you flipped the pages on the counties news, the reporter has a byline indicating he was reporting a story in Homabay county. One wonders how this was possible with a patient in hospital.

A day later, you’re found lifeless in a forest and everyone picks the story up and castigate a purported perpetrator. And because there is a byelection in the very county, opponents quickly pick the story and dumped it with the sitting governor for political gains.

Your mourners will not know the real course of your death; they will not know that you were an extortionist who wanted several goodies which were not limited to huge amount of monies, a ranch, malls, luxurious homes, from a person who did not impregnate you.

Why would young ladies want shortcut to big life?