PANIC IN STATEHOUSE: Top Jubilee Leader ‘Grabs Indian Ocean’, See Ongoing Construction In Shanzu, Mombasa, Photos

These are the photos that got two Nation Media journalists arrested and detained by police in Mombasa. The two journalists were arrested as they took photos of an ongoing construction in-front of a hotel in Shanzu (Dolphines Hotel??).

The contractor is alleged to be erecting (building) dykes in the ocean to extend the beach property, this has caused panic in statehouse as to the extent to which some well known land grabber can go, grabbing even the ocean ! – building beyond Riparian reserve !!

There are questions whether the ongoing construction was approved by NEMA and the relevant county government agencies of its another case of impunity stretching too far. The construction will obviously affect the ecological balance the area and will most obviously trigger a rush by other land owners to make similar constructions with devastating effects on the environment.

Well, Kenyans of goodwill will wait to see if a demolition order will be issued.