Note From Gatundu: Three Things Uhuru Must Do To Bring Economy Back To Balance- Hon Muhia

By Moses Muhia

I have no link to Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta, but i will still write this humble note to you, hopping against hope that you may get the opportunity to read it.

Mr President Sir, its about time we talk about taxes in Kenya, i understand that we need to raise approximately ksh 80 billion annually from vat on fuel, this amount can be gotten if we as a country decide to:

a) Built a modern state of the art, efficient oil refinery in Kenya, where we had the old abandoned one, give this tender to the Japanese( china must be excluded to avoid sabotage) and can be completed in 16 months flat, we should also build a pipeline to transport our crude oil from Turkana to the oil refinery, once completed, we will be able to sell our oil with value additions ie super petrol, jet fuel, kerosene, lpg gass, diesel and even tar, saving the country millions in cost and earning the country approximately 60 billion extra per year

b) Since the price of fuel would reduce in Kenya to sub ksh 70, you can then levy 20% vat on fuel still the cost would be sub ksh 90 and no one would complain yet the government would be able to rake in over 70 billion per year

c) Allow importation of vehicles older than 8 years to 15 years but we tax the vehicle 300% FOB price, and after 5 years every vehicle in Kenya to pay environmental tax of 10% the value of the vehicle yearly to the state, this would ensure we have refurbished vehicles being traded in Kenya vis a vis the current situation where most of the jalopies on our roads are over 50 years old, this has the capability of earning the government about 100 billion annually

Well, will Uhuru listen to his former MP? we wait to see now that another Gatundu MP Moses Kuria confirmed 16% VAT is a must !