Is Media Biased? Anti-Governor Obado Demonstrations Over Sharon Otieno Murder Amounts To An Injustice

By Willice Owiyo

We’ve watched clips of some purported activists running around the streets of Nairobi while profusely demonizing Governor Okoth Obado on a matter under investigations. Tilted media coverage of a crime is the greatest threat to justice. An induced segment of the public shouldn’t be allowed to use the media to pass judgement on anyone when investigations are still underway. It pollutes the conducive environment that’s prerequisite for justice and thorough investigations.

Someone should tell Governor Okoth Obado to swiftly file a complaint with the Media Council of Kenya and other professional bodies charged with maintaining ethical, balanced media reportage. Never before has the media demonstrated open bias and keenness on a particular set of outcome.

The Governor can equally sue the media houses concerned for the reputational damage they continue to cause him for the simply reason that he was known to two victims of the crime.

Demonstrations should be motivated by quest for justice, not as cascades of vilification punctuated by political undertones. An unclear agenda is being pursued.

The courts of law were created to guard against the mob justice of hyped crowds. In the case of Governor Okoth Obado, the country seem to have gone back several centuries behind. This is unfortunate for the rule of law and the criminal justice system that shouldn’t operate at the whims of uncalled for public pressure and psyche.

Sharon’s family doesn’t need politics and maandamano that prejudge suspects when investigations are still on. The family needs JUSTICE emanating from thorough investigations and watertight evidence. A sloppy case laced with political agendas shall collapse and justice shall have been defeated. That should concern anyone keen on human rights.

The media seem tilted to report what incriminates governor Obado without looking any other way. Without questioning the moral standing of a journalist whom a lot of aspersions have been cast on his character. The media should give Governor Okoth Obado the same acre of coverage they’ve given Barrack Oduor.