CHAOS At The Kenya Embassy In Germany, Corruption In Immigration Department Causing Anger In Diaspora

There was drama outside the Kenya embassy in Berlin Germany on Saturday as diaspora community there held peaceful demonstrations over ‘unreasonable demands’ when processing e-passports and also in-efficiency at the embassy.

The Kenyans, who camped at Kenyan Embassy in the German capital, also cited poor services at the embassy, saying they were being compelled to travel back home to renew their passports.

They narrated how they are harassed and delayed whenever they travel back home to renew their passports.


“Passport processing has been an issue for a long time and the question I ask myself is why? I hoped to have this question answered when President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Germany,” said a protestor.

He went on: “The Kenyan ambassador to Germany said that Kenyans would renew their passports here in Germany, but this is yet to happen.”

The Kenyans want the processing of passports done in Germany at affordable cost.

“We need change to all Embassy’s Mr President please news workers……..changes all workers in Embassy’s everywhere in world”-J F Wachira said


They also demonstrated against corruption in Kenya saying the vice is killing the nation.

They asked the NIS and DPP to investigate harassment of Kenyans at JKIA Airport upon return from abroad either for holiday or just family visit/emergency. The corrupt KRA officials are on the sport for harassing travelers scaring them with imaginary penalties with aim of soliciting bribes. since when did carrying a laptop or a new phone become an issue at port of entry??

“It’s good to commend the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Director of Public Prosecutions for the great work they are doing, the two need more support to do their work efficiently,” said a demonstrator.

The issues raised by the diaspora community in Germany is not new, similar concerns have been raised by Kenyan communities in USA and also other countries. Several embassy officials have been accused of treating Kenyans with contempt and disrespect forgetting that they are there to serve Kenyans and not just enjoy the diplomatic benefits.

Tribalism at the embassy is also something that most Kenyans have complained about.