The Lies Told About Sharon Otieno’s Murder, Linking Governor Okoth Obado And Lynch Mob On Social Media

By Michael Okoth

Where does one even begin?

Well,many here have had their say,and a unanimous judgement has since been passed that Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado is a brutal murderer. Basis? Some ninja journalist’s account of the events leading to the gruesome killing of the late Sharon Otieno (may her soul rest in peace).

From where I sit,and with objective lenses away from the ongoing sensational serializations by those with two or three outstanding political issues to settle with the Migori Governor, I don’t think Governor Okoth Obado is that daft as to hire brainless killers to take out a woman just for threatening to expose his clandestine sexual escapades.Then there are the outrageous claims that the slain lady had an explosive exposé about corruption in the Migori County Government that she’d wanted to share with journalists after the governor allegedly refused to give her some money blah blah blah……Imagine a whole county governor sitting down an average village slay queen after some few jerks of orgasm to share,or even allowing her access to sensitive and guarded information regarding (corruption in)his government?So who believes such hollow crap?Ridiculous!In short, I don’t believe the late Sharon had anything so serious to expose about Obado that would warrant the taking away of her life by the governor.

I strongly believe this ninja journalist Barrack Oduor who successfully managed to out wrestle two cold hearted brainless killers sandwiching him,flew out of a speeding car and with “serious knee injuries” sustained landing and rolling on the tarmac outpaced his killers ,and safely disappeared into some village he’d probably never been to before,owes us an explanation regarding the real plotters and executors of Sharon’s horrifying murder.Barrack hasn’t told us anything useful this far other than dramatically taking us through some unbelievable stuff akin to a movie scene taken out of a Japanese ninjutsu warfare .The investigators just need to circle pliers around his crotch and he’ll give useful information that may facilitate the delivery of justice to the family of the late Sharon Otieno.It’s highly possible this was an extortion gamble gone south,and in which Barrack Oduor was a central player with the late Sharon the collateral.

To our dear sisters: please respect yourselves!Our present generation of girls are on a wrong trajectory,and risk losing it altogether. It’s very painful that your parents are really struggling from dawn to dusk breaking gallons of sweat in these hard times trying to secure your future by taking you to school, yet all that you think you should be doing once in college is running all over social media and town streets hunting down men old enough to be your grandfathers just because they have some money which you think is idle and should be invested between your thighs! Concentrate on your studies for therein lies your future,not in some old men’s atrophied balls and their cheap money!Cheap money never lasts.Work hard for your future and your money, and preserve your dignity.The good life that you so feel you can’t do without now will only come if you work hard enough for it.It’s not something to be given to you by anyone,it’s something you must work on yourself. As Njoki Chege quips; It’s better to be broke and safe than be moneyed and dead in a thicket!

While there are those who will argue that it’s these old men who hunt down for these young girls,that may be true,even normal!But there’s nothing normal in a 20year old girl dating a 60 or 70 year old man,for what?Actually,it’s these girls who avail themselves to these men.Walk into some of these city clubs (even those ones in the villages lucky enough to be having institutions of higher learning) on a Friday night and see for yourselves young university and college girls,some barely 19 years scantily dressed and shamelessly exposing their thighs to men for cheap drinks and you’ll pity their parents struggling to pay their fees.Our moral fabrics are completely shredded and the earlier we reflected on this and corrected the rot the better.Making endless noises every time our collective moral rot catches up with us while ignoring the root cause won’t help.

I’m not in any way justifying the horrific murder of Sharon.I equally hope the truth will come out and the real culprits be brought to book as early as yesterday. Nothing warrants the killing of anyone, leave a lone a naive 7-month pregnant lady.

May Sharon’s soul rest in peace.