DRAMA: Sharon Otieno’s Uncle ‘Chased Like A Dog’ for Exposing Dark Secrets, Insists Husband To Bury Her

There was tension filled drama at the home of slain university student Sharon Otieno after her uncle who is also the official family spokesman Joshua Okong’o revealed one of the deep held dark secrets by insisting that the late Sharon MUST BE BURIED AT HER EX-HUSBAND HOME.

Close family relatives were infuriated with Okong’o for exposing the late’s marital status in front of guests from Nairobi that included Women Reps Gladys Wanga, Rosa Buyu among others.

The uncle Joshua Okong’o narrowly escaped assaults from angry mourners who jeered him as he delivered his speech at their home in Magare village, Homa Bay Town constituency. He was forcefully ejected, kicked of the compound.

The Sunday afternoon incident occurred when Okong’o was given time to address mourners who included four woman reps Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay), Pamela Odhiambo (Migori), Rosa Buyu (Kisumu) and Janet Ongera (Kisii).

The drama started when Okong’o took microphone and begun telling mourners that they should understand Sharon’s marriage background.

Okong’o had on Friday addressed journalists in the home compound as a spokesman of the family

“I want everybody to know that Sharon was a married woman and she separated with her husband in January… I know her because she stayed with me most of the time during her childhood,” Okong’o said.

The crowd booed him but he insisted with his speech.

“The husband has never appeared in this home but we need him because Sharon will not be buried here due to our cultural beliefs,” he went on

But the charged crowd shouted him down louder claiming he is turning a traitor.

“No noo nooo! You’re wrong to say those things here and you are an elderly,” a voice shouted from the crowd.

As the jeers went loud Sharon’s father Douglas Otieno got angered and snatched the microphone from Okong’o.

Area Chief Simeon Onano and some family members rushed to the dais to intervene in the matter by pushing him (Okong’o) out from being attacked by angry youth

Activities came to a standstill in the compound as everybody watched how some angry youths took over and pushed him to a vehicle.

Area Chief ordered Okong’o to move out of the compound to avoid causing chaos.He was whsiked to his car by angry relatives who hurled insults accusing him of turning hostile and traitor.

Sharon’s marital status was not known, many assumed she was just a student but shocked to learn that she was married with children and that her husband had tolled paying her college fees.