Is DP Ruto Grooming Ababu Namwamba as His Western Kenya Blue-Eyed Boy?

While his co-ODM rebel Paul Otuoma is yet to get any reward from Jubilee, Former Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has been awarded as the Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary, an unconstitutional position Jubilee created to award cronies.

Eloquent and flamboyant, the diminutive politician has raised eyebrows after he was allegedly honored to recite the Integrity Pledge on behalf of his colleagues during their swearing-in ceremony last week.

Even though other Senior CSs were present and thus should have taken the pledge on behalf of their colleagues, Namwamba is touted to likely be groomed as the de facto dean of his colleagues.

Reliable sources intimated that the former Labour Party leader is being groomed by DP Ruto as his blue-eyed boy in Western Kenya as he (DP) seeks to consolidated Western votes ahead of his 2022 Presidential bid.

One is reminded that it is Ruto that engineered Ababu’s defection from ODM and funded his rebellion course that culminated in him buying Labor party from Ojiambo.

Ruto is said to be assembling and empowering a team of young, bold, ruthless and tactical lieutenants and that is where the likes of Rashid Achesa, a known former political hooligan come in.

His marital woes aside, Namwamba’s lost glory has been restored and mettle placed on him, how he will wade in the murky water that is Western politics with the ilk of nibble-witted Edwin Sifuna also young and brilliant now on the forefront is a show waiting to unfold.