CS Matiangi To Deport Chinese National Who Called Kenyans Including Uhuru Monkeys

Liu Jiaqi a chinese national caught on camera hurling racial slurs at Kenyans and President Uhuru has been arrested and will be deported this week, immigration officials work on the necessary procedures and paper work (to avoid Miguna Miguna style of deportation).

The man, who apparently sells motor bikes in Kenya, was caught on video insulting one of his employees.

Kenyans on social media reacted angrily while tagging Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and President Uhuru Kenyatta with demands that the foreigner be arrested and deported.

The Chinese in the video starts by saying that he was angry at the employee because he is a Kenyan.

The employee is heard arguing a case of unfair treatment by the Chinese man who interrupts him saying it is because he is Kenyan.

“Everyone, every Kenyan is like a monkey. Even Uhuru Kenyatta, all of them,” Liu says.

“I don’t like you monkey people, [you] smell bad and foolish and black.”

The Chinese man says all Kenyans are monkeys and challenges the employee to go court since he has no evidence of his abusive utterances.

At this point the employee says: “I think you should go back to China. You see even if you don’t fire me I will not work here forever but whatever you are doing is extremely wrong.

To this the Chinese retorts, “I don’t care, I don’t like you like monkey people, smell bad and foolish and black… I don’t like them.”

Employee: Then why are you coming to do business if we are poor, we are black?

Chinese: For money.

Employee: For money? Why is that you need our money?

Chinese: Money is important.

The conversation continues…

Liu says all he wanted in Kenya was to make money. Police said the foreign national will be put in a plane this morning.

The video emerged barely hours after police raided CGTN studios in Nairobi and arrested foreign nationals.

The company said police arrested 13 workers, eight being the broadcaster’s employees.

Liu runs the Sonlink Limited, which sells motorbikes in Ruiru.