Chinese Ban Kenyans From Their Hotels for being Criminals While Jubilee Protects their Brothers in Kenya

While Chinese run businesses in Kenya and have literally held our economy to ransom, their Country has banned Kenyans as guests who can not be be hosted in any of the hotels within China’s city of Guangzhou.

Also blacklisted are Ugandans and Nigerians

The move was prompted by an alleged a criminal activity carried out by a person of African origin within the city was the reason why citizens from the three countries are not welcome to China’s third richest city.

Juliet Hatanga, a senior magistrate from Uganda, narrated her ordeal to BBC the moment she was turned away by a hotel in the Chinese city on arrival.

“They opened the door for me, they asked my name and confirmed they had a room for me, then they asked for my passport, when I gave them my passport they told me sorry they could not host me,” narrated Hatanga

According to her, hotels in Guangzhou city have reportedly been told not to take bookings from guests from the three African countries.

“When I inquired why, they told me they had orders from the police, the police had told them not to host anyone from Uganda. They are no longer wanted, I asked them if they could host me somewhere else and they told me no,” added Hatanga.

“Ostensibly, someone was suspected to have committed a crime, which this someone was suspected to be either Ugandan, Kenyan or Nigerian and without confirming whether it was male or female so all of us were condemned,” she added.

This comes barely a month after the government of Kenya denied claims of racial discrimination of workers on the Standard Gauge Railway’s Madaraka Express train service as unfounded and ill-intended.

Instead, Government Spokesperson Eric Kiraithe accused unnamed persons of ganging up against the SGR project saying workers who colluded with unfriendly forces would be dismissed.