‘Campaigning From Your Father’s Bedroom Won’t Make You President!” Duale Attacks Gideon Moi

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has viciously attacked Baringo Senator and KANU party leader Gideon Moi over his ambition to contest for presidency against Deputy President William Ruto in 2022.

The arrogant Garissa Town MP hit out at Gideon saying he was using his father retired President Daniel Moi as a political museum in the hope he would gain mileage for his 2022 ambition.

Speaking during the opening of Barsaloi Mixed Day Secondary School, Samburu county on Monday, September 3, Duale said Ruto was far ahead than his competitors who he launched a savage verbal attack against.

Gideon and Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho were the greatest casualties of Duale’s insults as he defended favourite 2022 presidential candidate Daniel Moi.

“William Ruto is ahead of all 2022 presidential aspirants by 39%. Our house is in order and those dying for a challenge should man up. The General Election will not be won basing on your father being former president of Kenya. It’s unfortunate your campaign is about putting your father in a place where you take politicians to visit. You want to use your father as museum,” said Duale.

Duale said, Gideon’s only visible political campaign was whenever he invited politicians to Mzee Moi’s house in Kabarak.

“The only meeting he can do is to take people to his father. I also have a father but you cannot campaign for presidency through barazas (meetings) in your father’s bedroom. Mzee Moi helped employ people from pastoral community in government but that time is over. He cannot make decisions for us,” Duale stated.

In a thin veiled attack to Joho, Duale said individuals who had gained their wealth through alleged sale of narcotics could also not find their way to State House.