Breaking: Fiece Tribal Clashes in Mau, Narok County, Kalenjins vs Masai. Two Killed, Tens Injured

There is tension in Mau area, Narok county as the Masai square out with the Kipsigus/kalenjins.

One person was killed yesterday and another today in Nkoben area near Maasai Mau forest in Narok county, raising the death toll to two.The area is the border of two communities living in Narok South and Narok North subcounties.

In the latest incident on Thursday night, a man was shot with an arrow during a suspected revenge mission after the first killing. No one has been arrested. Narok North deputy county commissioner Ronald Mwiwawi and his Narok South counterpart Charles Mukele blamed violence to social media propaganda.

Narok North Deputy County Commissioner Ronald Mwiwawi and his Narok South counterpart Charles Mukele blamed the violence on social media propaganda.

Meanwhile Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has ordered the investigation of unidentified politicians for fuelling tribal clashes in Marsabit and Narok counties.

“I have received very disturbing information that while security teams are working hard to contain the violence, some politicians are undermining these efforts,” he said.

In a tweet on Friday night, Boinnet said the politicians, whom he did not mention, incited their supporters to escalate the fighting.

“I have ordered thorough investigations into their conduct with a view to arresting and charging them in court,” he said.

Boinnet said officers have been given instructions to deal firmly with lawbreakers.

More to follow