BREAKING: Court Reinstates Beatrice Elachi As Nairobi County Speaker, MCAs Faulted !

The High Court has blocked the removal of Beatrice Elachi as the Nairobi County Assembly speaker thus reinstating her back to office

Justice Maureen Onyango has barred MCAs and the county Public service board from appointing Elachi’s replacement and interfering with the execution of her duties pending the hearing.

Ealier Hon Elachi vowed to fight her impeachment through the courts.

Speaking on phone moments after her impeachment on Thursday, Elachi said she would take the battle “all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary.”

She argued that the Thursday evening sitting used by members of Nairobi County Assembly to oust her was a special sitting convened to discuss the state of Nairobi and not her impeachment.

Elachi further intimated that it was malicious of the Nairobi MCAs to change the standing orders of the special sitting at the last minute in order to kick her out of the House.

The Speaker further argued that, if indeed the special sitting was convened to discuss her impeachment, then it was unfair that she was not accorded a chance to defend herself as stated by the law.

“Before the debate and voting on a motion to remove the Speaker, the Speaker shall be accorded an opportunity to respond to the allegations on the floor of the House,” states the provisions for the removal of a Speaker under Section 11 of the County Government Act.