MISTAKE: Arrest Of DCJ Mwilu DIVIDES Country Into TWO, War On Corruption Loses Public Goodwill, Its Political

By Arap Doyo

Just when they had started garnering public good will, they blow it up by making a “political arrest”.

A section of the populace reading malice and witch hunt asking why Mwilu’s case is being treated different from such other cases involving supreme court judges. Read Tunoi and Nancy Baraza. Many reading succession politics within Judiciary ranks. Others concluding that “we shall revisit” statement fully in action. Settling scores.

Well, the goodwill massively dented. Kenyans back to their default Jubilee-Nasa politics that divides the country and the political class by two. Those for Mwilu and those for Noordin. I will not also be surprised if the perception persists even as Noordin continues his high octane arrests.

In a delicate, highly charged political environment such as Kenya, fighting corruption needs some strategy. Any miscalculated move, the battle is lost.

Mark this post. Noordin’s choice of Mwilu, at this particular time, might as well as be the beginning of his fall. The biggest beneficiary? Guess no more. William Ruto.

Ruto and his foot soldiers have been complaining of a politicised corruption fight targeting certain persons. Nobody was listening. But now…Y’all can go figure. Watch as Ruto gets more bolder. Re_energized and ready to rumble. A lifeline.

And another thing. This arrest might possibly reunite Kaonzo, Raila and Ruto. All have certain deep political interests in letting Mwilu survive the graft charge.