Message From ODPP and DCI Over Sharon Otieno Murder, Investigations and Prosecution

THREE THINGS about the Criminal Justice process:

1. Our courts are courts of law and evidence. Public opinion counts for very little, if not nothing. That evidence is gathered by way of investigations and presented to the Court by way of prosecution.

2. Every person, even those that are captured on video committing the alleged crimes, or against whom there are eye witnesses, are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It’s not on a suspect or accused person to prove himself innocent. It’s for the State to prove him guilty.

3. The guilt of a suspect or an accused person must be proven beyond reasonable doubt for him to be convicted and punished/ sentenced. If at the end of a case there’s even just one reasonable doubt, he shall be set free. It’s not any doubt. It must be reasonable doubt.

I hope this helps!


Many of you doubt the ability of our police officers in the detection, prevention and investigation of crimes. That’s understandable as it would be out of honest ignorance.

From a first-hand experience, having worked with a number of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and having on the basis of their investigations and resultant evidence sent several criminals, including murderers to jail, I can confidently say that we have some of the best detectives in terms of commitment, passion, capacity and ability.

The many success stories may not have been in the limelight for obvious reasons that the nature of investigations demands that they are secret and private to avoid witness interference and or tampering with the evidence.

I trust that the killers of SHARON OTIENO shall be brought to book at the conclusion of investigations. It seems a very clear case of homicide, of hired hitmen.

There’s also the more important need for witness protection which I’m confident is being handled appropriately and accordingly.

Most importantly, nobody is above the law.

Going by Chief Pathologist’s findings, went through a gruesome experience. She witnessed hell on earth, first hand. The many stabs, to her unborn baby, the attempts at strangulating her, the sexual assault.

Lord God, if justice isn’t done or can’t be done on this earth, for any reason including the rules of evidence or legal proof, take charge. Visit her killers with your wrath, your vengeance. May they never know peace.