Deep Secrets About Governor Obado’s PA Michael Oyamo, An Ex Military Officer, Knows Sharon Otieno Killers

Michael Oyamo is a man well-known to those in Migori and many would only talk about him in low tones as he uses extreme thuggery and bravado to tame anyone who would dare criticize Governor Okoth Obado.

According to those who know him well, Michael Oyamo is a trained former Kenya military officer who left the military in a cloud of darkness and later went to do various duties in Afghanistan and South Sudan.

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Michael Oyamo returned to the country in early 2000s with a lot of money and bought a bus which he used to carry passengers from Nairobi to Migori and back. He was then living in Fedha Estate where even neighbours confess that he is one rough person who would get into fights and arguments over non issues.

Neighbours in Fedha Estate remember one instance when he beat his wife to the point of the wife remaining completely paralysed on one side.

Michael Oyamo was not able to support his transport business and later operated a small butchery being going completely broke.

He was rescued by now Migori Governor Okoth Obado in 2012 who saw the opportunity to have him as his man who fixes all critics and ensures that the governor is feared all through the county.

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Nobody dare criticise the governor in Migori. Even some parliamentarians would think twice before visiting the county if they have been critics of Obado because of the gang of hooligans coordinated by Michael Oyamo.

Michael Oyamo led a gang of thugs in kidnapping Daily Nation journalist Barrack Oduor and Sharon Otieno from Rongo town on Monday night. Barrack Oduor was able to jump off the moving vehicle while Sharon Otieno who was 7 months pregnant with a baby believed to be of the governor, was not lucky to escape.

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