BREAKING: Court Orders Former Nairobi Governor Kidero To Be RELEASED On 5Million Bond

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Odhiambo KIDERO and co-accused released on bond on the following terms:

1. Personal bond of Kshs. 5 million.

2. (a) Surety Bind of Kshs. 3 million;


(b) Cash Bail of Kshs. 2 million.

3. Each accused is restrained from interfering with any of the witnesses.

4. Each accused to deposit their Passport to the court. The same may be released (for travel) upon application to the court.

During arguments for the release of Kidero and Kewe on bail, lawyer Tom Ojienda asked chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti not to be “too strict” as they are “law-abiding citizens”.

“There is no reason why they would not avail themselves for trial. None of the accused persons has [cases of] past criminal conduct and they cannot interfere with any witnesses,” he said.

Ojienda further pointed out that the accused no longer work for the county so they do not have access to documents and employees.

He also claimed that the delay in charging Kidero was deliberate to deny him the opportunity to secure bond terms.

“Kidero, was on his way to the EACC when he was arrested. He has spent over 23 hours at the commission. He slept there and has cooperated on every aspect of the investigation,” he said.

The prosecution differed with Ojienda, noting the former county chief has influence.

“The influence that the first accused person has cannot be ignored,” deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Muteti said.

“We strongly submit that we have not made the application to oppose bail out of malice. It is our duty to bring to the attention of this court why we are at another level when it comes to dealing with these kinds of cases.”

In June, Kidero tried to block the EACC from probing him.

Muteti further said they presented the suspects in court within 24 hours and that Kidero received “first class treatment” at the EACC cells, was well fed and slept well.

“You can see the former Governor looks okay,” he said of Kidero, who appeared jovial.