Barack Oduor The Migori Journalist Speaks Out About Relationship with Sharon Otieno

The journalist is accused of being used to trick Sharon Otieno back in the country from Dar es Salam where she had taken refuge.

Word doing rounds among Sharon confidants is that she was warned of the hit that had been put on her head. She was advised to be extremely cautious moving forward thus her move to go to Dar-es-Salaam.

However, she had been communicating with Barrack Oduor even before she fled the country. She had confided in Barrack, shared with him recordings of her conversations both with influential people.

It is Barrack who lured her back to Kenya, promising her that a lawyer he was in touch with could get her the protection she needed. On the evening that she was to be abducted, sources indicate that she was hesistant to attend the meeting. Barack assured her of her safety, going ahead to pick the first venue of the meeting.

The question is, why did he implicate Oyamo then? Now, remember that other than Sharon, only Barrack knew about knew so much about her. The goal was to use Barrack to get to Sharon then take them out both. He was offered something.

However, by the time Barrack realized that he had been played, they were speeding towards Homa-Bay. Were the bruises stage-managed? Absolutely not. He escaped death. Now he’s here playing the victim card.