Meet Sharon Otieno Ex-Husband Dumped With 3Kids, UON Graduate Teacher, She Went for Big Money,

Bernard Okuta is the man Sharon Otieno dumped for big money, he is a teacher at Rapogi High School with whom Sharon had three children (a son and two daughters).

Bernard graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Nairobi in 2013. He comes from Kamagambo in Rongo Sub-county, Migori County, and has been teaching at Rapogi High School for the last four-and-half years.

Sources said that Mr Okuta and Ms Otieno separated last year due to marital challenges immediately she joined Rongo University and got hitched to big money, she thereafter Sharon relocated to her parents home in Homa Bay

When contacted by media to offer comment on the murder of Sharon Otieno, his ex wife and mother to their three children he said ;

“This matter is too emotive for me to comment. If I wanted to comment about it, I would have done so long ago. I would rather leave the matter to the police and other investigators to find out what happened. That is all I can say,” the soft-spoken Mr Okuta said

The couple lived within the school compound (staff quarters) with their three children. Okuta being a graduate understood very well that to get out of poverty and to be self reliant to raise their three children comfortably his wife had to go back to school and that is how he encouraged her to apply for studies at the nearby Rongo university.

By all accounts Bernard looks like a regular, cool dad who only wanted the best for his wife. He expressed optimism thatthe killers of his ex-wife will be arrested and justice will be done.

On Sunday Sharon Otieno’s uncle and family spokesman Joshua Okongo told mourners that Sharon was married and had three children with his ex-husband Bernard. According to Luo tradition Sharon should be buried at her former husband’s home.