Inside Luxurious Life Of Sharon Otieno; Glamour, Power And Money, What Next For Slay Queens and Feminists?

By Jim B

Sharon Otieno, the murdered Rongo University second year student, lived a life of extreme opulence – this is despite the fact that she came from a humble background and not working. She was allegedly dining and whining with a senior politician from Nyanza in luxurious hotels and traveled out of the country not once not twice. She never shied from displaying her new found stature. She was obviously elated that she had finally bid poverty goodbye. This is understandable.

With feminists like Diana Rose, Caroline Mutoko, Akothee and others always encouraging young girls to use their vagina to make money, even if it means dating old folks and criminals in political office, Sharon took the advice and executed it real good. I don’t think she did anything wrong by dating the guy or even getting pregnant for him. It’s her body, her vagina. What she did was not criminal. What is criminal is her murder. It’s heartrending. Justice must be done.

As a girl in her early 20s, she was definitely an explorer out to discover life. You know me. I’m not the type that dictates what women should do with their bodies, but while at it they should know the limit. Don’t get consumed in it and become stupid. Know that there is a wife who isn’t happy with you snatching her husband. This is something that feminists should advise our girls. But since they won’t, I’m taking this opportunity to give unsolicited advice out of love for the womenfolk.

This is the fact, if you are being chewed by a politician for money and you don’t want to go by his terms and conditions, if you try to use the relationship to blackmail him or extort money or expose her secrets; HE WILL KILL YOU AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. I’m telling you this from the deepest point of my heart. A POLITICIAN WILL KILL YOU if you misbehave with his reputation. Your family and friends will cry for justice, Kenyans will demand for justice but do you know what? The guy will bribe his way to justice. You remember Mercy Keino, the UoN student killed in 2015? The police will do nothing. And we will forget you in a few days and move on because we have plethora of problems in this country to deal with and you’re not one of them.