Hon Ababu Namwamba Follows Francis Atwoli’s Style, Kicks Out Wife, ‘Marries’ Two BEAUTIES, Check Out Photos

Family planning for what? You get a boy and a kijana avute bangi Na msichana aolewe utabaki na nani? Atwoli posed at a function this year but little did people know that the sentiment would later incite a former party secretary general and Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ababu Namwamba who is now staying with two very beautiful and young women.

The COTU secretary general has been advocating for polygamy, saying that it is the only way the number of single ladies can be reduced in this world.

The world over, there are more women than men (about 65 percent). If we dont marry many wives, who will marry our daughters? I am encouraging my sons to marry more than three wives so that we can reduce the population of unmarried women. Its a taboo in our community to bury our daughters where they were born, they must be married somewhere, he said. Family planning for what? You get a boy and a girl. Kijana avute bangi na msichana aoleweutabaki na nani? (The boy child will smoke bhang while the girl child will be marriedwho will you remain with?) he posed at a function in July this year.

Maybe trying to spite his former wife and make her go nuts, Namwamba is staying with a lady called Luciana Mimo and Paula Ann. Paula is known to be a former Miss Tourism Busia winner.

While Luciana Nimo stays in Ababu Namwambas rural home, Paula Ann stays in his Nairobi home and is alleged to be serving all his needs in the same or in the words of Atwoli, she is taking good care of bwana CAS.

Ababu’s friends and relatives, especially neighbors in Nairobi have been surprised that he is openly randy and/or polygamous as they cannot differentiate what is with the affair.#MulembeLoveConciousness

Ababu Namwamba is separated from his wife Priscah Mwaro who accused him of infidelity and cruelty. The Nairobian also run an exclusive expose that alleged bwana CAS had slept with various relatives.

This story first appeared on KAHAWATUNGU and NEWSTODAY