Hon Ababu Namwamba Attacked, Humiliated Online For Introducing Slain Queen To A Church Congregation As The Next Wife

Kenyans took to social media roasting Hon Ababu Namwamba for introducing one of the four women in his life as the next wife after the mother of his children the beautiful Priscah Mworo moved out she busted him with her niece….

Well, on Sunday Ababu was at his village Church- Port Victoria where he introduced his girlfriend one Ann Paula Machio to the congregation, the move is said to have caused anxiety complication on his other girlfriend a student at Moi University Luciana Mimo Andafu

Hon Ababu Namwamba downplayed incest allegations, he was daring enough to face the church after a local priest was quoted by media to have warned Ababu over his extra marital affairs.

Here are some of the comments by Kenyans:

ur Halima Ismael Karma: is a bitch pia huyu atatupwa inje tu

Ungwe Rawlings Masaga
: He has just refused to grow up

Anne Oudo : Once divorced always a divorcee, never trust a man you took from another woman. Mume wa MTU sumu.especially ukiwa pia wewe ulinyanganyana hehehe,its called karma

Mc’Samba Kabonyi Juma: Ababu is touring her riparian area with his once Prescila owned Sany.

Wach malich ahinya.

Kimanzi Chris: The guy also practices incest . He has left his female young relatives with babies, pregnancies n gonorhea

Pauline Ngira Ng’ina Gigi: Awuoro… Nimeongelesha Paula but clearly huwezi lazimisha ng’ombe kunywa maji.

Karma is also a bad b****…….

David Wuod Omondi: AbabU now decides to marry after impregnating his relatives

Maggie Josh
: Ex’s are forever beautiful in many cases, even in my own case. Ataachwa tu pia, he is a known he goat whose dick is tickling every minute….na wanaume kiherehere like him knows nothing on bed, they have a kadot which must be ngurumad like an old generator, and when you stop pulling the handle it stops too. The tudots ones do pretend to be very romantic….kumbe ni kuficha shida yao 😂😂. It’s just money, I don’t think he is good on bed…. It’s only that he treats women well

Bruce Mutuma: Huyu ni Msamia original..ingoho legend…..Yogi Nimrod…kuja huconfirm hii maneno

Bernard O Onyango
: Last year he was babysitting during Nasa demonstration.

Lydia Ngaira: I saw his photos last week of what he called a family function and I didn’t spot Prisca, but this gal, I thought I was seeing my own things, Eh!

Brian Keverenge Ung’iya

Martin Marto Wakanjah II: Matrimonial setup is dynamic…. If one don’t work, move on and try another… life is short…..otherwise depression and stress will kil you and age your body faster than on shot ( i mean one good one)…

Cde Nelson
: This madness not love. Ababu needs to be vetted by Legion Bishops. Comparing the beautiful Priscah and this lady…waaah am still doing a research on what men including Nelson… look for in ladies to marry

Phil W: those children in the photos, are those out-growers sired through incest? Ababu needs sex addiction rehab, not misguided love from James.

Baba Martial N Britney: I always pray that I get money and power!! I would have 47 official wives and 5 clandees per county! kila county I would be with an official wife!!

Julius Matei Moga: He is our role model on matters women. Bibi akitoroka, achana maneno mingi ya kuenda koti tafuta mwingine supuu kumshinda

Denice Byre Oumah: 😝😝😝😝😝😝 this ninja has guts, he is shameless, he is a real warrior our reign.

Anyway we must conduct another County beauty Pageant now that Our miss Busia has gone to be with His soulmate.

Lizzie Ndunge
: That’s the true meaning of moving on… after a heart break unalia kabisa mara Moja ..then move on