Give Ababu Namwamba A Break, Jealous Relatives Told

Kamasasa E

I have taken time to read the Nairobi tabloid online since I can’t access the hard copy carrying news touching on Hon Ababu’s sex issues. I have noted the following:

1. The accusations that Ababu mounted his relatives are being traced while he was in high school in and to some extend in college. This is according to the writer. I can’t verify if it’s true. It’s the uncle and cousin who made these accusations of many decades ago. Yesterday I addressed something about jealous relatives, siblings and former school mates. I find Ababu’s relatives who decided to bring on the media these old acts committed decades ago as mischievous, silly and heavily suffering from negative jealousy. Quote me right. I am not defending incest. It’s bad. But I think the sin was sanitized decades ago when committed. Bringing it now on media is sinister.

2. The issue of Ababu mounting college girls while in capacity as elected MP of Budalangi is not news nor strange. We have men who prefer young girls. Others prefer mature women. It’s a choice. The college girls are adults. Out to test the experienced jembes. I carry no panga to cut down honorable Ababu with accusations of inspecting the river suo of those young petite college going girls. He did negotiate and got admission. No one is accusing Ababu of rape.

Basing on the above, I find Hon Ababu Namwamba blameless. He is a clean man. Just that he is sexually active. Aren’t you active too? Excuse Mheshimiwa. Let relatives, countrymen and former classmates reduce the kilograms of hate in their hearts. Breath in and out. Go enjoy. It’s a Friday!