Feminists should honestly stop misleading these ignorant and gullible slay queens

Feminists should honestly stop misleading these ignorant and gullible slay queens. When you justify their sexual escapades with their fathers and grandfathers you are encouraging more to get into such messy relationships.

Just like I said about women who hold on in abusive relationships/marriages till they are killed, this too follows the suite. I will never sympathise with such victims.

Truth be told. What better treatment do you expect from a man who the only thing you offer is SEX and in return he is your ATM machine? You are SIMPLY A PROSTITUTE working in private sector unlike those found in the streets at night waiting for their clients.

I haven’t yet had enough reasons as to why a young, beautiful, energetic and brilliant gal should be laying old men for upkeep purposes.

When I was in campus for my undergraduate course I too was challenged by life. There are days and nights I went on empty stomach. But when push came to shove, I had to go to mjengo. Yes, I would go there to ensure I got a few cents in my pocket.

I then begun selling boiled eggs and smokies. My life was better and every night I found so much peace within myself. I never laid any man for financial support.

To me, that’s dignity.

Simply, there are so many side hustles out there. So stop that crap of its lack that makes young gals get sponsors.

You choose to simplify your life by getting a sponsor, be read to embrace the consequences.


Suzzy nyar Alego brought her mpango wa kando while the husband was away hustling for the family. Unfortunately, the husband, Dickson Samba, returned unannounced only to find two enjoying sweet moments on his matrimonial bed. A fight ensued and mpango wa kando pushed the husband from the fouth balcony. The two were living at Umoja 2, Bee Center.