The Fallacy Out There For Young Girls And Sponsors; Have a big butt, be ‘yellow yellow’ and life will happen!

By Lorraine Kirigia

We have to drop the double Standards. We cannot be competing with Men for equality on one end yet expecting them to adopt us, think and decide for us on the other end…

“Yes I have been very quiet on the matter coz it’s one of those issues I devoted so much time and energy in only to realize that it is a very personal decision. You must choose your life.

What I learnt through months of working with domestic violence victims (both men and women) and what I can now say I know for sure is this….

No one wakes up one day and beats you half to death or worse still, kills you. It starts with pointing a finger, reducing you to nothing (emotional abuse which I assure you is the worst form of abuse there is), a slap here and there or raffle you up…..when all this is happening he or she still reminds you of how much he loves you and how sorry he is plus he/she doesn’t know what got into them……The best of all is he/she promises this will never happen again! By the time the actual physical abuse starts you have seen all the signs. Your mother, aunties, friends have asked you to “vumilia” the church has asked you to forgive 70×70 times etc…….the worst and what makes me sick to the core of my being is “stay for the sake of the children!”

Know your worth! When someone hits you the first time, don’t wait for the second! No one hits with the intention to kill but it ends there. To this day I wonder what I could have done differently for the late Sarah Kabiru whom I was waiting to meet only to see in the news that she was no more!

As for young girls and sponsors…….we have glorified big behinds and assured young women they don’t need to work hard no more. Have a big behind, be ‘yellow yellow’ and life will happen! Go to campus as you live in Kileleshwa and drive a Mercedes!

Parents we receive extravagant gifts from our young children both boy and girl child knowing all too well they can’t afford them but who cares……

We lost it along time ago so not sure what all this hullabaloo is about.

My three cents…..”

That’s Lorraine….

Ahsante Sana.