Rogue MCAs Fighting Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Elachi


All indications are that Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Hon Beatrice *Elachi is being targeted by rogue MCAs because she has refused to allow the thieving and looting* that was the order of the day at the Nairobi County Assembly during Kidero are.

You just need to look at those fighting Hon Beatrice Elachi and it’s *the old MCAs who were used to looting our county funds using dubious projects* during Kidero Administration and who are now frustrated by Speaker Elachi’s high standards of integrity.

Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu Karanja is quoted by The Standard because *he is “irked by Elachi’s decision to invite investigators to look into the irregular transfer of Sh45 million* meant for members’ car loan scheme, saying that should have been the board’s mandate.”

In all trug, the purported intended ouster has *nothing to do with the best interests of Nairobi County* and everything to do with corruption fighting back against the foremost vanguard of integrity in City Assembly.

Surely, how do you impeach *a Speaker who, having nothing to hide and happy to take the first step to welcome investigators* to look into the books and weed out corruption? Can that be said of the MCAs who want the DCI investigations halted?

The bone of contention is *the allegation that the Speaker called for the ongoing investigations by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI)* to look into suspected financial misappropriations, including procurement and transfer of funds carried out by the clerk’s office.

Apparently, according to a report by the Auditor General for the year ended June 30, 2017, *Sh42 million was irregularly transferred from the Assembly’s car loan account to various accounts between August 8, 2016 and May 26, 2017,* long before Sonko Administration and Speaker Elachi came on board.

It even becomes sinister when it emerges that *the said funds were transferred for unexplained purposes and without approval of the County Executive in charge of finance,* contrary to Section 116(3) and (4) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.

Of course the *Speaker has denied the allegations that she is behind the DCI investigations.* She told Nation “I never called the DCI. We were told that they will be landing at City Hall.” The DCI is investigating issues of 2015/2016 where they have nearly seven documents from the Assembly.

The question that begs is: *What does it matter who called for the investigations?* Why are the MCAs united in defending the Clerk unless they are covering for their many sins committed during Kidero Era?

What are we missing? Why all over sudden is Majority Leader *Abdi Guyo reading from the same script as Minority Whip Peter Imwatok* with whom they never see eye to eye? *Whose interests are the MCAs serving,* their own or that of Nairobi Residents like Speaker Elachi?

Certainly, whatever the *investigations threaten to uncover it is big enough* and really threatening to cause the Majority Leader and Minority Leader to gang up against the Assembly Speaker even taking with the Clerk who has clearly outlived his usefulness at the Assembly Secretariat.

We *must not forget that Clerk Jacob Ngwele was found in the office* by the current Jubilee administration of Nairobi. Whatever secret Mr. Ngwele shares with the MCAs which they don’t want the DCI investigations to unearth is big enough to deserve the attention of Nairobi Residents.

Whose interests does our MCAs serve when they rush to fight *those who are protecting our finances like Hon Beatrice Elashi?* Whose interests are Jubilee MCAs like Anthony Karanja and Abdi *Guyo serving fighting a Jubilee Speaker* with help of ODM cartel ring leaders like Peter Imwatok?

The *Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly is the eyes and ears of all Nairobi Residents* in the Assembly. While every MCA represents their individual ward, the speaker looks up for all of us. This is why *we all must resist any attempt to undermine the Honourable Madam Speaker* Hon Beatrice Elachi.

It is the time the Assembly Cartels owned up that *we kicked Kidero and ODM led assembly because we were tired of impropriety.* We welcome the efforts by Madam Speaker to *restore integrity into the management of the Assembly and Count finances.*

We cannot allow the House that is *expected to protect the interests of Nairobi residents* to become a den of thieves. It’s time Clerk Jacob *Ngwele was shown the door like all the Kidero surrogates.*

At the same time, the *MCAs should let Assembly Speaker Madam Elachi do her job* as the Head of the Legislative Arm of Nairobi City County without undue influence or harassment.