Jubilee Supporters Suffering In The Hands of Chinese Managing SGR

So the Chinese duped us into accepting an outdated obsolete Standard Gauge Railway with dated locomotives which will in the long run cost us half a trillion and still needs to be serviced at 15 billion a year yet its output is only a billion a year and this is after people have been forced to use it!

On top of that, the thing is operated fully by racist Chinese who treat native Kenyans like dog shit! They undermine and abuse Kenyans and work them under poor conditions. They have taken even the jobs that should be left for Kenyans.

I’m tired of Africans being abused and mistreated everywhere we go, but surely in our own country? It’s unacceptable! What did we ever do to the world? What did we ever do to these Chinese? It’s time Africans refuse this! Our leaders have already sold us out, but we can at a personal level refuse to be treated this way!