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Latest Kenya Travel News

2012 World Travel Awards for Africa: Kenya’s winners

By Kenya Travel

Kenya won several distinctions in just concluded World Travel Awards for Africa 2012. A WTA distinction is the most prestigious award in the travel industry, comparable to the Oscars.

Kenya’s winners:

  • Swahili Beach (Beach Resort)
  • The Savora Stanley (Business Hotel)
  • The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort (Golf Resort)
  • The Savora Stanley (Hotel)
  • Leopard Beach Resort (Resort)
  • Finch Hattons (Safari Lodge)
  • Encounter Mara Camp (Tented Safari Camp)
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel (Travel Management Company)
The winners will compete in the Global WTA awards ceremony to be held in Delhi, on December the 30th.
Kenya host of World Travel Awards 2012, september the 26th

By Kenya Travel

Kenya is hosting this year’s ‘World Travel Awards Africa & Indian Ocean’, also known as the ‘Oscars of the travel industry ‘. It is the first time for Kenya to host this important event. Kenya was chosen because of it’s world class tourist attractions.

During the World Travel Awards (WTA), the best travel destinations of 2012 will be put on the spotlight.

All major players in the African travel industry are expected to attend the event in Nairobi.

The location of the WTA ceremony is vital for it’s success, says Graham E. Cooke, president and founder of the World Travel Awards. ‘Nairobi is a progressive and engrossing city full of opportunities. It has all the ingredients to make the WTA a success.’  The WTA organizers underlined the rapid development of the city as one of the main hubs of Africa, for business travelers as well as tourists.

The importance of Kenya’s tourism industry

The tourism industry is vital to Kenya’s economy. According to the latest tourism statistics, the sector earned 73.68 billion Kenyan Shillings in revenue for the last four quarters, and shows an impressive growth that surpasses previous years. The untouched nature, unparalleled collection of wild animals and the white sandy beaches are all ingredients for an unforgettable trip the keeps the tourists coming back. Moreover, there is an increase in airlines that fly to Nairobi, giving the tourism industry a boost.

‘We are pleased with the fact that we can organize the World Travel Awards in Nairobi’, said Matthew Weihs, Managing Director of Bench Events. ’It is very important to us that we host this event, for it accentuates Kenya’s position in the tourism industry’. WTA’s are organized all over the world; the winners qualify for the WTA Grand Final in New Delhi, India, on December 12, 2012.


Increase in honeymoons to Kenya

The British royal couple, the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) got engaged and were also said to have honeymooned in Kenya!

For prince William, Kenya was the perfect romantic getaway to ask Kate to marry him. In addition to the amazing beauty of the country, the Prince was also looking for privacy, and he got it. Prince William once told People magazine, “Africa’s the perfect place to come. The locals haven’t a clue who I am, and I love that.”

The one place the royal familiy frequents most is the Lewa Safari Camp; the camp is run as a non-profit within the 62,000 acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Guests each stay in private thatched-roof tents with porches and en-suite bathrooms (not necessarily a given on a safari) and can take game drives or walks or lounge by the pool. As a non-profit Lewa uses its profits to aid local schools and wildlife programs, which makes sense for the royal family that is heavily involved in African charities.

The numbers of tourists to Kenya have increased enormously over the years, the choice of Kenya as Prince William’s engagement destination added to the caps of Kenya as a honeymoon destination. It had a positive effect on tourism in Kenya, the amount of visitors increased almost 10%.

The Kenya Tourist Board has successfully to position Kenya as an ideal honeymoon destination. Destinations like Ngwesi Lodge in Laikipia, Chui Lodge in Naivasha and Finch Hattons in Tsavo West are just a few of the many honeymoon destinations in Kenya.


Kenya Travel

Kenya is much more than just a safari and the Big Five. It’s world famous for her wildlife, the Masai Mara and the Tsavo, Samburu, Amboseli national parks and Sand white beaches of the Indian Ocean coast. The undulating lava fields, a lake full of flamingos, a lonely giraffe on a barren plain, great diverse cultures, modern city of Nairobi and warm welcoming people are among the many to be enjoyed

You can choose for an active Kenya travel and hit the pedals on the flanks of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro, but if you want to relax, you can stay in a charming beach resort and enjoy the immaculate white beaches.

Consult one of our expert Kenya Travel agencies for more information. (Dutch agency: Vakantie Kenia)

Kenya travel tips:

  • You need a visa to enter Kenya. You can buy one at the airport.
  • Vaccinations are highly recommended.
  • Avoid the rainy months March, April and May.
  • Planning a safari? In the dry season you’ll see more animals.
  • Always make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage.
  • Don’t wear jewelry.
  • Ask your GP for anti a malaria prescription.

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