Raw Facts: Raila Reveals The Truth On Mau Eviction, ICC Trials And The Pentagon

Raw Facts: Raila Reveals The Truth On Mau Eviction, ICC Trials And The Pentagon


Raila Odinga exuded confidence that he will emerge the winner in the Monday polls, the prime minister has enjoyed two weeks of successful campaigns soaring his support across the country unlike his closest challenger whose remark at the second presidential debate about how his family acquired land seemed to slow his momentum in Rift Valley.

After CORD’s final submission rally at Nyayo stadium, the Prime Minister took time to explain to millions of rural Kenyans via Radio Citizen (with biggest audience in Kenya) and Chamgei FM- a Kalenjin vernacular radio station matters relating to the Mau eviction, ICC Trials, disbanding of the pentagon among others.

At Radio Citizen, Prime Minister Odinga had an hour long interview with the veteran radio hand- Fred Obachi Machoka. Click the lick below to listen to the interview as was recorded.

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  1. Solly Kadoka says

    A couple of weeks ago I humbly told my Kalenjin kinsmen and women to think twice about this Uhuru/Ruto affair. Our young man is simply being used to escort Uhuru to state house, nothing more. Should we all Kalees sit and be taken for a ride by Jomo’s son? What is in this ride for us as a community? Pls let us thnk twice tomorow before we vote!

  2. says

    Kindly my brother take heart , and thanks for your opinion however note that this election is not all about TWO PEOPLE but Kenya as whole.

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