EXCLUSIVE: President-elect Raila Odinga’s Victory Speech (Draft 1.0)

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Here below is the first rough draft of Raila Odinga’s victory speech, his team is refining it and by Wednesday midday it should be ready. The speech is expected to take exactly 47 minutes! With fortunes tilting his way Prime Minister Odinga is expected to register a clear win in 6  regions (former provinces) of Nyanza, Coast, Western, Eastern, Nairobi and North Eastern. He will tie in Rift Valley however exit polls indicate he might win Rift Valley with narrow margin resulting in a win of 7 provinces.

Fellow Kenyans,

When this journey began a few decades ago, none of us knew the second liberation would take this long to achieve. Many fell by the wayside. Many died painful deaths. Others gave up. But we kept the faith, knowing that in the words of Martin Luther King, this country will be ‘Free at last.’

Nelson Mandela said, there is no easy path to freedom. For as they say, the tree of liberty is often watered with the blood of the brave. We have had low moments, but we have survived as a country because of the resilience and bravery of our people. Today, on this historic moment, I stand here humbled by your trust in me, ready to serve without fear or favour, and sharing in the words of our National Anthem; May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty.

I am encouraged by the sacrifices our freedom fighters made. I stand today in the shadows of Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Dedan Kimathi, Robert Ouko, Jaramogi Odinga, Mekatilili wa Menza and Koitalel Samoei, looking yonder and seeing the promised land. I look into the eyes of every Kenyan today and I see strength and determination. I see one unite, proud Kenya. Today, we can say without any doubt that our democracy has matured. With this peaceful election, we have shown the world that we have come of age. It is time to restore our pride in our nationhood!

As we start a new chapter in the life of this country, I want to tell those who voted for me and those who did not, I will be president to all of you.

I extend warm congratulations to my brother Uhuru Kenyatta for a hard fought and peaceful campaign. I extend warm greetings to the six other candidates. I intend to meet all of them as soon as possible to explore ways of working together and moving our great country forward.

I want to state that my Deputy Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and I hold no grudge from the past, and will encourage our people to now get down to the business of nation building. I am confident that Kenyans from border to border, share our desire for a peaceful, diverse and economically strong country, and will redouble their efforts in making this possible.

In the 50th year of our birth as a nation, we must make it our priority to lift our people out of poverty by fulfilling all the promises from our manifesto in the shortest time possible. We will get down to work as soon as the swearing in is out of the way. I want to thank our friends from all over the world who have stood with Kenya. I make a solemn promise to them that their belief in us will never be in vain.

To our campaign team, and friends who contributed in any way towards this success, you are the true heroes of this victory.

I close by affirming to all Kenyans that as your new Commander-in-Chief, our march to Canaan has began in earnest.

God bless you and God bless our great country Kenya.


Thank you.

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