Kenyan candidate says election ‘lacks integrity’, raising fears of protests

Kenyan candidate says election ‘lacks integrity’, raising fears of protests

Kalonzo Musyoka, running mate of Raila Odinga, who said: ‘We have evidence the results we are receiving have been doctored.’ Photograph: Kabir Dhaji/EPA

Running mate of Raila Odinga, who is trailing Uhuru Kenyatta in presidential vote, says ballot should be stopped

By: Reuters in Nairobi for the,

The running mate of one of Kenya‘s two frontrunners in a presidential vote has said the ballot count lacks integrity and should stop, comments that could inflame a largely peaceful election so far.

“We as a coalition take the position the national vote tallying process lacks integrity and has to be stopped,” said Kalonzo Musyoka, running beside the prime minister, Raila Odinga. “We have evidence the results we are receiving have been doctored.”

But he said his comments were not a call for protests. Odinga is trailing the leader, Uhuru Kenyatta, three days after the polls closed. Authorities said on Wednesday the outcome would not be compromised by the failure of electronic counting technology that has left Kenyans in the dark about the result.


  1. says

    Try your level best on the democratic world of today for accepting the result of the Election, this election is not the end of Kenya there is many elections ahead of republic of Kenya. Please Accept;

  2. Hillarious.mtai says

    Hon.v.p Kalonzo plis avoid making such commnts in public coz u might intervene with the peacefull kenyan…plis move to court if u have evidence.

  3. says

    VP you should appreciate the chosen leader and embrace the motto the kenyans have"accept defeat"all kenyans have embraced this motto even those who elected you.Be a good example to others.

    • says

      Why does he judge the book by the cover. When u pregnentize a lady en she gives birth 2 a boy u dont command nor request the mother to return the toto back to the womb en deliver Girl. Amani lazima.

    • Anonymous says

      What sweet words from your mouth. IEBC should have used their office with enough power that it deserves. Ni kama hawakuwa wamezaliwa 2007-08 wajionee what happened. Huyu mtoto anaitwa corruption, hata the mother would have aborted her kabla azaliwe.

  4. Paul Ambutsi says

    What is this nonsense 'of go to court' when we all know all is not well and we can simply cancel the elections and call another date!

    • says

      Paul,if u were here ul agree tht our economy is at standstil.let isaac do his part and the trusted mutunga to do his part to.iam an employer and we desparatly need to move are at stake here

  5. Abednego says

    Let this time try our court’s integrity. We say we have sufficient evidence. We are eager to see the outcome.

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