Download Jubilee Manifesto

The Jubilee manifesto that was launched on Sunday 3rd Feb 2013 can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Download Jubilee Manifesto 2013:


  1. says

    Awesome plue print i believe in you guys kenya needs vibrant and innovative leaders kusema na kutenda however kenyans are suffering in baringo north coz of the ancient cattle rustling menace plz help save the situation where you can we are btwn a rock and a hard place children,women,te old plz help

  2. Ibrahim says

    How do I download this?

    So far I am getting a site that lets me view it *online*, I wish to have an offline version I can read later

  3. says

    A merger of the CORD and JUBILEE Blue Prints would bring vision 2030 sooner than 2030. These guys, their only problem is the Hague (which is a serious threat to realising their dreams in the manifesto) but they appear to mean well. A CORD Government should integrate their thoughts in the final economic blue print.

  4. peter wechee says

    am greatful for ur manifesto if at all u can impliment it.kenyans are keen monitoring u on how u wil fair with ur promises.remember it can ruin u or make u succeed so please own ur words.

  5. Hemstone Mito says

    go to open publication, click it then under the manifesto u will see options… on it u will get the download link

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