FORA Lobby Confident Raila Odinga Will Emerge Victorious

Friends of Raila, a lobby group that has been leading Prime Minister Odinga’s presidential campaigns is confident that Raila will emerge winner despite CORD candidate trailing in the tally so far.

Here below is the full statement:

FORA statement on the ongoing IEBC presidential vote tallying

1.The Friends of Raila (FORA) Secretariat thanks Kenyans for coming out in large numbers and conducting ourselves in a patriotic and orderly manner during the historic voting exercise yesterday, March 4, 2013.

2.We want to bring to your attention that we have our presidential tallying centre. We are receiving results from our Agents across the country as they are announced at the polling centres. The numbers we have look very good and we urge our supporters not to buy into the scare on TV screens. We have not released our in-house tallies because the Captain signed the IEBC code-of-conduct and he has urged us to be responsible and to wait on IEBC’s results. We are continuing to monitor IEBC’s provisional results and only making contact for clarification where there are any serious discrepancies with our in-house tallies. We reiterate that so far the numbers that we have are looking very good and our supporters should not be alarmed at all.

3.We remind Kenyans to note that so far IEBC has released only a fraction of the total votes cast across the country. Of importance to note is that the percentages of votes per county released by IEBC so far is not uniform. Different counties have different percentages of votes tallied so far. Statistically therefore, the national average, which is what TV screens are displaying, cannot and should not be used by our competitors or anyone to misinform and mislead the public that someone is cumulatively ahead. We urge our supporters and the public to look at the numbers being screened on TVs in context as well as in relation to statistics paradoxes. As of this morning IEBC had indicated they had provisional results from about 8000 polling centres. Across the country we have over 31000 polling centres.

4.We want our supporters to note that IEBC erred in beginning to release provisional results while voting was still going on in many polling centers. Also the initial provisional results that were released to the public were those from our competitor’s strongholds. We wish to inform the public that at some point immediately thereafter the IEBC system went down, affecting the streaming of live results. In addition, our supporters should note that just a few tallies have been released by IEBC from our strongholds.

5.In closing, we want to say again that our in-house tallying numbers are looking very good and we are poised for a big win! We ask for calmness as IEBC continues to release the results. Always bear in mind that the numbers coming in are not uniform across the counties and therefore the average percentage cannot and should not be used as a national average. The results in so far are provisional. In fullness of time, we are headed for a big win.

For any further information please contact the undersigned.

George Nyongesa |CEO, The Friends of Raila | Tel: +254 720 451 235 / 733 827 859 |Email:
Cc: Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka
Hon. Anyang Nyong’o
Hon. Franklin Bett
Mr. Eliud Owallo


  1. vitalis oyoo onyango says

    He who loves last,laughs longest.Uhuru Kenyatta has laughed enough,its now Raila’s turn to laugh longest in the final laugh!

  2. Wahome says

    What should people believe, the IEBC data or the individual presidential secretariats. If the figures on TV are not real, why are they being aired, by who to what purpose. Are the FORA guys receiving results different to those received by the IEBC?

  3. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the brief. God bless. I was tensed, until afriend told me to atleast browse the net and voila, I come across this message. I love Raila. He is my mentor in every aspect.

  4. Jimmy miser says

    I want to appeal to cord supporters to have confident and faith that “Wuod nyo Dima will win with a land slide”James Oigo Mwitu 29

  5. Zephania says

    Good message but how are going to fix this with the iebc or this are complains that are going to be raised after the official anouncement

  6. barin says

    Good luck guys. And like all my Kenyan brothers and sisters, God bless you & us all.
    I have noted this is a purely pro-cord site, and I empathize with you.

  7. Nixon Obima says

    But we are adults, we can see for ourselves, please dont feel guilty that our man is loosing, its not your mistake, neither is it ours. we are in denial together.

  8. Anonymous says

    I’m jst stressed up l’m waiting 4 Raila 2 overturn the results mean while my manchester team have been knocked out of european competition

    • Chagaz 4rom zim says

      Son of David hv mercy on Kenya,wory nt children of god,remember wat Romney nd Obama,they were neck 2 neck until e last minute.

  9. pauline says

    we are hope full that things will eventually work out for the cord team at last and will keep praying for the best and peace for the country despite the outcome.

  10. Mike says

    R ur team also receiving results from ur competitors? or is it just corded agents. We did our job and r confident and trust iebc will do its job lets move on

  11. George says

    Its our prayer as Ugandans that Raila wins. we believe he has what it takes to leader our beloved neighbour Kenya.

  12. finally,my heart is i wish that it shoul be like that and my God shower our most prefered candidate with unfathomable blessigs.ooh thank you Jesus,amen says

    thank you father

  13. Focus says

    Respect the will of majority; Uhuru is winning and Raila should concede defeat after 9Million vote mark

  14. says

    We want Kenya to progresss and the only way we can be guaranteed we are heading in the right direction is if the peoples right to choose their leaders is respected

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