Elections Results: Live Streams From Bomas Of Kenya

By Kenya Today

Watch the Kenya election results with NTV Live Stream:


  1. El Malik Malik says

    viewing from nairobi–30% counted —but an early leader always gains credibility—so Raila is in trouble

  2. absolom says

    As kenyans, we played our part yesterday n by now we shd b calm n wait 4 the final results.LET US JOIN HANDS 4PEACE HENCE A UNITED KENYA.KUBALI TUENDE MBELE.

  3. says

    Thank you NTV for your excellent and dedicated service during the election period. Please try refocus us to our normal lives by showing the sure return to normal life in the Nairobi C.B.D area away from the draining election's news. I was in town in the evening and is buzzing with life.

  4. Vincent Kigen says

    Watching from eldoret, one people, one nation and one kenya. Kenyans lets continue to maintain peace. Kenya is bigger than individual.

  5. Rose Atieno Owira says

    Thanks Ntv for your lovely broadcasters and also Thank God for enabling us Kenyans vote peacefully,we need togetherness especially now Lord as we are waiting to see the chosen Leader of Kenya,grant us your peace and unity in our Land,Thanks

  6. Anonymous says

    wakenya nawasihi mkubaliane na watokeo yatakayo tangazwa kwani hata mkifanya fujo haita saidia kitu zaidi ya nyie wenyewe kupata hasara chungu nzima! alafu kumbukeni kuwa wanasiasa wote wana tabia zinazo fanana za unafiki!

  7. Steve Mburu says

    It has now been proved that despite many many billions spent, Kenyans have major difficulties when it comes to counting votes. Next time nobody should ever expect results in the first five days after voting. It will be silly to do so. So then you should be at your work place immediately after casting your vote so that you can put food on the table. Kenyans have come of age and it does now not matter who is prezzo. Realy.

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