Meet Uhuru Kenyatta The Hypocrite

Meet Uhuru Kenyatta The Hypocrite

Uhuru Kenyatta with his wife Margret  at a past social function, images by Google.

By: Rashid Wanjala

Jubilee’s self imposed presidential Candidate Uhuru Kenyatta who last week expelled his competitor Musalia Mudavadi in a 1970s dictatorial KANU style to eliminate competition from Jubilee sounded insane and in denial when he claimed Cord is a Western Puppet.

It sounded ironic and sarcastic. Everybody knows that Cord’s founders have an excellent track record of non-aligned foreign policy credentials. Uhuru used Obama’s campaign statement “like day and night” without citing, Obama is the leader of the West, but Uhuru in a single speech imitates Obama’s words, while still railing at Cord as Pro-West.

This is intellectual inconsistency. It is double standards. He demonstrates a lack of principle. Portrays confusion and flip-flopping, in the same speech. His is an ideological mongrel. His ideology is like a serpent whose head is that of a goat, the tail of a snake pitted against an ideologically pure and sound CORD movement. Jubilee is so scary.

However, what Cord leaders have never engaged in is to make (Assad, Ahmadinejaad, Ghadaffi, Kim Jong-Il or Bashir) like anti-West statements whose end result would be to stoke embers of regional disharmony and tensions read international and diplomatic isolation while driving UNEP out of GIGIRI.

Kenyans- millions of them- unlike Uhuru Kenyatta have endured days upon days of joblessness, hunger, potholed roads, jiggers, lack of school fees- let me just call it grinding poverty. Uhuru has been living in plenty and bounty, and attended prestigious schools like St Mary’s School, not the one besides Yala River- but the one in Nairobi that rich kids like Gideon Moi and the wazungu expatriates attend. So nobody has been indoctrinated in Western Mannerisms like Uhuru Kenyatta. That is point number one.

Next is that Uhuru Kenyatta’s intellectual troubles makes him only comfortable in speech delivery only when he is reading speeches. Once in a while he displays his riches by reading from a teleprompter because he is afraid that he might get a mind block in the middle of his speech.

Well he has no dementia or Alzeimers, and so it has to be intellectual deficit. This is sad because allot of wealth went into educating Uhuru Kenyatta.

I have also previously elaborated how Uhuru Kenyatta is a copycat of the West. It is manifestly evident that Uhuru‘s TNA launch copycatted the Romney Republican National Convention. It couldn’t match Obama’s due to budget constraints, but they tried- with disastrous boomerang results -to copycat an American Republican National Convention.

Uhuru is rich but he has his limits, because he has to ask Mummy for permission for those high budgets- hints: he had to be accompanied to go and close the deal at Ruto’s house….so when you hear Mummy is involved its magunia mingi involved, Ok.

During the TNA launch, he tried to speak from a teleprompter but it was obvious that he was reading. Of course his intention was to attempt to hoodwink Kenyans that he is so smart, and can speak without reading from a paper.

And it worked to some extent because in August while on a flight to Dubai I sat next to this TNA supporter who is a houseboy in one of the Sheikh’s households, who told me that Uhuru is like Obama, he delivers speeches without reading, just like Obama does.

Uhuru succeeded in hoodwinking some dudes like that fanatic from one of the TNA strongholds that the party is having trouble expanding beyond.

The truth is that Uhuru’s speeches without Teleprompters are horrible; the crowd at Tononoka was dozing in an open field, while the Cord crowds were jubilant at Uhuru Park. Take home is Uhuru is the foremost copycat of the west from the colognes he wears to the weird accent he attempts to speak to the schools he attended.

To add insult to violation of intellectual property rights, Uhuru read a speech which was massively plagiarized from various Obama speeches, including the Thomas Jefferson authored Unilateral Declaration of Independence, but without citing his sources. This is sheer intellectual dishonesty, or just lazy to cross check a pre written speech, a standard that is expected of a leader of Mr. Kenyatta stature.

Now for those of you who might not know, the document that Uhuru alisanya ideas from without citing his source- Unilateral Declaration of Independence authored by Thomas Jefferson is like the equivalent of an American “loyalty pledge”.

It is the principle, foundation and primary source upon which the US Constitution was drafted and Americans live and operate around those principles, it even shapes the American foreign policy that UK weeps about.

This is testament that Uhuru is an indoctrinated, raised and brainwashed Western educated ideologue who is only yapping anti-West  rhetoric because he thinks they are the cause of his case at The Hague, which is about ridding Kenya of years of impunity.

For decades genocide has occurred in Africa and the rich and powerful evaded responsibility. ICC is about making sure that people like Uhuru, Bashir, Mugabe, Kony, Ghadaffi, Gbagbo have to ultimately take responsibility for their actions.

Third, Peponi School which is associated with his family does not advance Chinese systems of education but the Western style of Education. He is therefore part of a business which is preparing the next generation of Western Educated graduates from elite families, who can speak the Queen’s English without an accent, while misleading the poor masses about how pro-West Cord is. It’s the highest form of sheer hypocrisy.

His lawyers in the ICC are British, and recently, to confront and neutralize free speech he enlisted the services of a UK policy insider. It was reported that “Mr Kenyatta has appointed Ed Straite, a former adviser to Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance minister) George Osbourne to boost his public image in the wake of concerns that he should not be running for Kenya’s highest office”. You can read more of this from this link!/2012/10/marketing-in-politics-uhuru-kenyatta.html

He continues to keep larger tracts of land- actually larger than that owned by The Lord Delamere and other  Biritish Imperialists of the pre-colonial era , anyone tell me -What is more imperial than owning land the size of Maine, Vermont and the British Island of England combined?

“Do as I say, not as I do” is the mantra Uhuru subscribes to. He promises Coasterians that he will deal with land issues when he is the embodiment of land injustices in Kenya. He can give up his inheritance; he is over 18, if at all he is a moral man. But any land greed, however historical, is his greed, so long as he holds onto greedily acquired land.

I am reliably told that Margret, Uhuru’s wife is of Germany descent- her mother is Germany and Kikuyu father; now for Uhuru or his surrogates to say that CORD leaders are Puppets of the West is ironic at best. Uhuru’s half brother Magana is half British; Uhuru’s investment in Western countries is into billions- so who is more likely to be a puppet of the West?

Next time I will rebut his claims that this is an analog vs digital election. I will reiterate my earlier lecture article that 2013 election is about progression versus retrogression. 2013 is about taking Kenya the North Korea way versus the South Korea way. The Singapore way versus the Zimbabwe way. Kenya has a date for going digital that is set and decided by the international community. The Raila-Kalonzo axis already ordered that to happen, but Jubilee’s Poghishio- the Information and Communication Secretary hasn’t implemented because he is still in love with analog age.

So who is DIGITAL, the one who stopped its implementation or the PM and the VP who ordered it implemented?



  1. Kim says

    Me think if uhuru were to win he would move security council to drop The case at The hague . In britain he has an insider in cameron gov .this mean he will be able to armtwist The 5 members but with this he will have to give a concession. Your article is not well thought.

  2. Ndinda says

    In campain a lot of things are said but I prefer those who use external enemies real or imagined rather than enemy tribes .

  3. Anonymous says

    I now know why i will never read your articles, this is purely unprofessional journalism,. Even if i support cord, i hate pple who take sides wen…

  4. Keam Willie says

    This guy is taking Kenyans for granded, what does he have to offer 32 Million Kenyans when he cannot honour a promise to a single Musalia Mudavadi. We need to wake up Kenyans. By rallying a tribe behind him, he is declaring himself a god (OUR GOD WILL NOT ALLOW THIS)

  5. says

    in leadership one must understand international relations and how, where and when to apply it.uhuru is not of that for he thinks kenya belongs to itself by himself.frustrations of wanting to clean himself and outsmart others uing wealth without influence is doomed to fail otherwise he is young to compete with the international community.

  6. Opi says

    What has uhuru’s wife mother nationality got to do with his politics . I have when people like try to use racism and xenophobic language to call others The same . Why use hate to The wife who has nothing to do with politics . Wanjala grow up . I could call mutua many thing but I will not drop to your level

  7. victor says

    ..You couldnt have said all that in one paragraph??your a joke to me n a reason why I wount vote for loose tongues/lipservice..with or without uhuru we will live harmoniously n grow our economy by time tell us something we don’t already know..or read a book.

  8. Kisorio says

    reading this article you’ve spent your time writing can not hold any water.Therefore i have no comment on this.get us another research as this is below my standard to comment on it.

  9. Jimmy R Kariuki says

    Now, will you keep denying that the western countries have nothing to do with I.C..C? EVEN AFTER WITNESS 4 WITHDRAWS FROM THE CASE? LIKE IT OR NOT… UHURU IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT!

  10. Anonymous. says

    This is cheap journalism. Thank God most kenyans have no access to internet. The hate wont stop the son of Jomo to rule. Go give out your inheritance to the world Mr right.

  11. MIKE says

    lets do reasoning but not write rumours which u dont know its foundation.between UHURU N RAILA.uhuru is fresh acconding to their political life.KWA HIVO SINA SHAKA NA KUPIGIA UHURU KURA YANGU.

  12. Anonymous says

    Too wordy I didnt read of of it. But the line, hypocrite, caught my eyes. Yeah, he is a true defination of a hypocrite.

  13. says

    You’re a complete devil and assholes like you deserve death.Now look what the majority wants-the ‘hypocrite.’Mongrels like you ought to rot next to the devil.Worthless son of a bitch!!!

  14. says

    Wanjala your article just sounds arrogant and biased but then guess thats just you. Pick any leader and you will find something nasty to say. Hope you aint in hiding now,,,

  15. Tembo says

    Your description of Uhuru is based on bias and unfounded speculations. He is the president now, swallow razorblades now since your god raila will never become the president in this country unless in migingo

  16. Alex says

    Hahaha…. Today, May your Article burn to flames & YOU CAN GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!! You ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH DEMOCRACY! USELESSSS!!!!

  17. says

    Shameless! You don’t choose where you were born and how you were raised. Wouldn’t you take your own children to a good school, will you stop ur children from intermarrying? Grow up and go with the times, get out of ur stone age. When media behaves responsibly, no violence occurs, it starts with you. We are all winners, peace is the winner.

  18. Anne Gichuki says

    Writer, have you read these other comments. Cant believe someone can write an article like this. Do you expect readers to believe you?

  19. says

    Wanjala unfortunately I wasted my time reading what you wrote next time please have more credible information than just a piece about plagiarism on western leaders speeches and ideology to bad you not a white man.

  20. Anonymous says

    Hay guys, read bible and u will know times and seasons we ar living,then u will find no reason to hate anyone ,read more about love in (1john4:1->) 4 no haters shall see GOD, be blessed thank u.

  21. Mshila Mwangola says

    It’s a shame. Just observe that all those in support of this greedy criminal ironically called “Uhuru” have Kikuyu last names. Kenya needs more than prayers we’re in bad hands. Truthful article Wanjala! Keep it up

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