Exclusive: Excerpts of Uhuru Kenyatta’s concession speech

Exclusive: Excerpts of Uhuru Kenyatta’s concession speech

By: Nephat Kinyua


Here below are the exclusive excerpts of Uhuru Kenyatta’s concession speech, with his party loosing momentum in Rift Valley,  the Jubilee candidate has only one region left as the last bastion of his presidential ran.

He run a great campaign that was only ruined by tactical mistakes. With the ICC case collapsing, the youthful Uhuru will easily win the 2018 general election. It is normal for candidates to prepare two sets of speech; victory and concession speech. we will shortly release Raila Odinga victory speech immediately we receive it.

Fellow Kenyans,

I stand before you today, filled with humility; to thank you for your support you gave me and my running William Ruto during the long campaign period and the elections.

It has been a tough journey, but with your support, we managed to overcome barriers. As you know, the people have spoken, and they have clearly said that my brother Raila Amolo Odinga is the 4th President of this great republic of Kenya!!

(Pause for cheers and acknowledgement)

I take this early opportunity to congratulate my brother Raila on his election. I have been on phone with the president elect to express my support and that of my coalition. I urge all Jubilee supporters to work with the new President in moving our great country forward.


Elections should not necessarily divide us. Elections are contests that come and go, but Kenya will always remain. I congratulate Kenyans for a peaceful election that has demonstrated to the world that now Kenya has come of age.

To my coalition and TNA members, I promise to be steadfast in building a strong party, strengthen its institutions to be a model party in Africa that will be an envy of the many

I urge Kenyans of all walks of life to remember that our unity is our strength, now and in the future. Once again, I congratulate the president elect Raila Odinga and wish him well on his new responsibility as president of our republic.

God Bless Kenya. Thank you


  1. BARIN says

    You guys are really into propaganda. Reminds me of RAO in his speech acceptance to be the CORD flag bearer. Do you remember him using the wearing in words? These are brain games, otherwise referred to as “MANIPULATIONS”.ALL-THE-BEST. It is only about 10 hours to go. Hold your horses.

  2. says

    Are you guys really that gullible! Seriously! Do you honestly believe that if he had a losing speech it would be posted verbatim? They can’t even follow a simple law verbatim and you believe this rubbish? Kweli!
    Drink that coffee & wake the F=-* up will u!

  3. says

    This is the most hilarious blog ave seen in ma lyfe. hey one would think that The infamous Kenya today will be non partisan and really focus on agendas that bring intergration amongst Kenyans and participate in real matters of the country. this expectation is of course not met and u will always find non realistic yet look comforting to Cord aka railamaniacs. kindly let ua pple face the ultimate truth. wondering what u will be posting in this page if the son of Jomo iz pronounced da undisputed state house occupier after 26 March or sam day.
    Wayesude – KIM

    • barin says

      “kindly let ua pple face the ultimate truth.”!!!
      You are sick. Uhuru did not want to be ..even a politician… Me & you (et al) FORCED him to be. DO YOU REALIZE that the moment RAO is out of the Kenyan political scene Kenya will forget what tribalism is?!!

      Watch how the figures are moving. RAO is KENYA’S DEVIL INCARNATE!

  4. Angel says

    Please do not make premature assumptions; be patient and await the outcome…because if Uhuru wins, someone thinking on your lines may end up very shocked & stigmatized.

  5. nancy says

    Please kenyans let the will of God be done cuz if we start at this point putting or own thoughts it wont help anybody,so let us be patient until the end .God bless Kenya

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