Jubilee’s Final Uhuru Park Rally Dampens Mood In Rift Valley

Jubilee’s Final Uhuru Park Rally Dampens Mood In Rift Valley

Uhuru Park was painted Red, the strong TNA colours camouflaged as Jubilee coalition, only William Ruto was in URP yellow colours.

Moses Kandie


It is no longer a secret that William Ruto’s URP is merely escorting Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA into power. Jubilee’s final rally at Uhuru Park was a testimony that the William Ruto led Party was just a special purpose vehicle meant to mobilize and turning a community to a voting machine. It was not lost to those who followed on live television that the rally was more of a TNA event than a Jubilee final submission to Kenyans, putting to doubt the 50:50 power sharing agreement.

“The Jubilee branding team is done from a centralized pool, it is actually single sourced and we all know where the money comes from, they can easily release equal number of branding materials of both URP and TNA” John Kipkurui, a Nairobi based political pundit noted.

“This is a deliberate attempt to depict URP as a junior partner, otherwise why was it possible to have balanced branding in Kapkatet, and not in Nairobi?” Kipkurui added.

A leading Nairobi based political analyst joked, “Ruto’s shirt is usually the only yellow attire at Jubilee rallies. I’ve never seen a man who enjoys slavery like that!” With only one day to the general election, URP supporters are disappointed that their party is being treated like a junior partner in the Jubilee yet they are supposed to be equal partners in every sense.

Recently, grassroots leaders in Rift Valley complained that Jubilee branding strategy was care-fully crafted to give TNA the upper hand in the power games playing out before the eyes of the public. The leaders complained of the arrogance with which TNA crowds clad in the predominantly red colours were transported into URP strongholds.

This is despite the pre-election agreement that brought Jubilee into existence, which is said to provide for a 50-50 power sharing between URP and TNA. This agreement has never been brought to the public domain strengthening the fear by URP supporters that Uhuru Kenyatta might not honour the agreement were he to become president.

“All this started in Nakuru, we raised it with the secretariat but we were dismissed. It extended to Eldoret, Kapkatet and now Uhuru Park,  I now understand why many of our people are even demanding that the agreement between TNA/URP be made public before voting day. Otherwise, chini ni URP, juu ni Raila.” Peter Lagat a URP stalwart from Kericho noted.

I drove all the way from Kericho to attend a Jubilee rally only to find it was a TNA rally, Lagat added.

Many have dismissed the coalition as a paper agreement between two people and this is what Joshua Sang confirmed publicly. During party nominations, those who lost in ODM and were unhappy opted to vie in Wiper. It was the same for those in other parties within CORD. It is worth noting that no politician in URP zone opted for TNA, just like it is in TNA areas where no politician opted for URP when nominations took place.

It is clear that the rather cosmetic arrangement in the name of Jubilee will not work as URP supports declare, ‘Show us the full coalition agreement and we show you the vote.”

It is not too late for Jubilee to remedy the situation, through a paid up advert on the weekend newspapers spelling out the details of the agreement, to reassure the jittery URP base.


  1. Anonymous says

    My brothers from the Rift, I paased by the rally and it was for sure a TNA rally. Our William was merely escorting the Prince in Red.

    By the way, did you note that all the aspiring MPs and CR in a cosmopolitant City like NBO were from one region of Kenya?

    Even my friend from the Mbus party was told to forgo his quest for the sake of Mutu wa nyumba; arrongance and dictatorship in a free and democratic country like our.

    We need to take care!!!!!!

  2. says


    • Anonymous says

      It is too late my friend. Remember that a drawning man will clatch at a straw this is just a straw it cant save u. R.i.p cord

  3. Anonymous says

    Let the truth be told, TNA is in the house, and no one can get in and claim an equal share, if the can’t get it now, when elections are yet to be held, then do you think there’ll be equal sharing of government after the are voted in?…enyewe watu wengine wanapenda kutumia watu wengine vibaya!

  4. says

    It clearly portray the true picture of Kikuyus, too selfish. Kibaki, we voted him in as Kenyans, he damped us and chose to work with his kikuyus alone and so, Kales are about to vote Uhuru and they will be no different.


    I think it very clear in the eyes of the wise that URP has been eclipsed by TNA.New vocabulary of “ECLIPSE OF PARTIES”
    Better for me because am CORDED

    • Marion says

      Welcome 2 cord my bros n sisters.its neva 2 late cz we want to show the opposers that cord is indeed a kenyan outfit.

  6. Anonymous says

    propaganda sahii haisaidii…..hata kwa ballot ni chungwa na dove for cord en jublee respectively.monday si mbali!

  7. Hillary Tingles says

    It is no longer a secret that William Ruto’s URP is merely escorting Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA into power. Jubilee’s final rally at Uhuru Park was a testimony that the William Ruto led Party was just a special purpose vehicle meant to mobilize and turning a community to a voting machine.

  8. Hillary Tingles says

    It is no longer a secret that William Ruto’s URP is merely escorting Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA into power. Jubilee’s final rally at Uhuru Park was a testimony that the William Ruto led Party was just a special purpose vehicle meant to mobilize and turning a community to a voting machine.

  9. Anonymous says

    I am a typical kaleh nd i av a reason 2 av votd 4 raila in 07 nd nt 2 vote 4 hm tz year…thez no nid 2 wek up bt stil day dream…vote ua man i vote myn n we respekt the wina

    • bunde manoah says

      If mudavadis agreement was alledgedly signed by satan, the the urp /tna agreement could also be the work of iblisi, we demand to know the knitty gritty of the same or else i urge fellow rift valleyns t vote for cord, how could tna fail to recognise urp aspirants in nairobi tottaly n go on to parade aspirants from one region? No wonder he talked of reclaiming nairobi

  10. says

    nyinyi ni washenzi sana. kwani kenyans will be voting for attires and colours? cheap propaganda. u fools read cord are drowning in defeat no wonder u r clutching at every straw (propaganda) to stay afloat. bure kabisa nyinyi na hiyo co-dead yenu.

  11. Baby Muhonja says

    That red dragon, otherwise known by its scientific name as ‘Ukafila’ is what Cord seeks to destroy. Come on, its not too late, get corded my brothers and sisters in the valley.

  12. Ann Precious says

    i feel very sad and sorry for our fellow kalenjins and rift valley people, its true Ruto has auctioned us with his sweet smooth speech that we nolonger see beyond Ruto. watched the situation at Uhuru park where only Ruto and His wife were clad in yellow, infact they appeared misplaced. someone would think they were lost and asking for direction. n btw, i saw Uhuru really pestering his wife the expected first lady to address the rally, unfortunately i didnt see him do the same to Rutos wife. unfortunately its too late. if. they win, as they have clearly indicated, we shall have to stay in this bondage for the next 10years before we get liberation.

  13. Duncan says

    Wow, looking at their eyes and body language, jubelee luminaries were instead complaining, moaning and whining. Uhuru rally did not only disappoint the remaining few rift valley followers , but the entire supporters. The only subject in that rally was raila, very confused simple minds.

  14. Ahmed Omar Hassan says

    Ruto calls himself ‘Hustler’ meaning he is after money in politics (which he has already been paid) he is not after his community affairs. So my fellow brothers in the rift valley open your eyes just how we in the coast opend and dumped Balala.

  15. Anonymous says

    u think ruto ni kama raila who can be fooled that easily. Wait and see after all its a matter of hours

  16. j.walubengo@yahoo.com says

    Am sure if jubilee wins,ruto wil comit suicide!!all lucrative ministries wil be taken and he wil be told like mudavadi was done…people from the rift…u have time to rectify ths,dnt say u never saw it coming,remember kibaki sucked raila immediately after election!

  17. Frank Orinda says

    let the truth be told,UK is using RUTO as a ladder which he’ll discard after election… JOSHTUA SANG warned,aliye na maskio asikie

  18. BARIN says

    How far from Nairobi are the urp strongholds? Check out the cord rally on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDJXCx4GvHY and consider how far the Wiper party is from NBI. Not to mention the cord third party colors. It is not a question of Kale or whatever tribe. It is who is right for Kenya; a fact you’ll find out beginning less than 10 hours from now.

    In case you are curious which side I support, my name is registered in the URP side – without my approval or knowledge – and probably it was put there because of my so called origins. I would not have voted for it – anyway. Nor tna! Whatever each one of us thinks, like Dida said, “VOTE FOR THE BEST”. For me it is UHURU KENYATTA be he a pokomo, luo, kale, kikuyu, turkana or whatever… as long as he/she holds a proper Kenyan citizenship registration! Period..

    The writer has taken a cheap propaganda strategy to write “Jubilee’s Final Uhuru Park Rally Dampens Mood In Rift Valley”. To cause disaffection. Ngoja.

    Tuesday si mbali. May Uhuru WIN, as GOD wishes!

      • Anonymous says

        I have no intentions of waking up soon. My dreams are rather sweet at this time – 5:24 AM, watching the vote tally going on. Correction though: that 55% UK lead should be 57%, but there’s still time anyway. Would you like to join me in my sleep petee?

  19. Alex Nzau says

    Let us respect the rule of law, we all have opinions that we are entitled to. Be your brothers keeper and respect others’ choice. Any choice has a consequence!

  20. petiee says

    And the murderer is carrying on with his job. We all know who UHURU MUIGAI KENYATTA is.So many young men have lost their lives in the name of extra judicial killings. Do you think Kenyans are still that blind?Sorry but we have regained our sights and we will teach Uhuru and Jubilee that Kenya has more than one tribe. Tukutane kwa debe!

  21. kopikat says

    …ur friends keep them close, bt ur enemies keep even closest –this has been the guiding principle for UK … bt let wanainchi wadecide!!!!!

  22. Okoth says

    I think all the guys who have commented on this are all Hypocrates even the person who wrote this article is very corded. Anyway we wait for the results as I didnt see anyh Blue material in Nyaro anyway. here it depends with who is talking.

  23. barin says

    Here below is the first rough draft of Raila Odinga’s victory speech, his team is refining it and by Wednesday midday it should be ready. The speech is expected to take exactly 47 minutes! With fortunes tilting his way Prime Minister Odinga is expected to register a clear win in 6 regions (former provinces) of Nyanza, Coast, Western, Eastern, Nairobi and North Eastern. He will tie in Rift Valley however exit polls indicate he might win Rift Valley with narrow margin resulting in a win of 7 provinces.

    Fellow Kenyans,

    When this journey began a few decades ago, none of us knew the second liberation would take this long to achieve. Many fell by the wayside. Many died painful deaths. Others gave up. But we kept the faith, knowing that in the words of Martin Luther King, this country will be ‘Free at last.’

    Nelson Mandela said, there is no easy path to freedom. For as they say, the tree of liberty is often watered with the blood of the brave. We have had low moments, but we have survived as a country because of the resilience and bravery of our people. Today, on this historic moment, I stand here humbled by your trust in me, ready to serve without fear or favour, and sharing in the words of our National Anthem; May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty.

    I am encouraged by the sacrifices our freedom fighters made. I stand today in the shadows of Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Dedan Kimathi, Robert Ouko, Jaramogi Odinga, Mekatilili wa Menza and Koitalel Samoei, looking yonder and seeing the promised land. I look into the eyes of every Kenyan today and I see strength and determination. I see one unite, proud Kenya. Today, we can say without any doubt that our democracy has matured. With this peaceful election, we have shown the world that we have come of age. It is time to restore our pride in our nationhood!

    As we start a new chapter in the life of this country, I want to tell those who voted for me and those who did not, I will be president to all of you.

    I extend warm congratulations to my brother Uhuru Kenyatta for a hard fought and peaceful campaign. I extend warm greetings to the six other candidates. I intend to meet all of them as soon as possible to explore ways of working together and moving our great country forward.

    I want to state that my Deputy Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and I hold no grudge from the past, and will encourage our people to now get down to the business of nation building. I am confident that Kenyans from border to border, share our desire for a peaceful, diverse and economically strong country, and will redouble their efforts in making this possible.

    In the 50th year of our birth as a nation, we must make it our priority to lift our people out of poverty by fulfilling all the promises from our manifesto in the shortest time possible. We will get down to work as soon as the swearing in is out of the way. I want to thank our friends from all over the world who have stood with Kenya. I make a solemn promise to them that their belief in us will never be in vain.

    To our campaign team, and friends who contributed in any way towards this success, you are the true heroes of this victory.

    I close by affirming to all Kenyans that as your new Commander-in-Chief, our march to Canaan has began in earnest.

    God bless you and God bless our great country Kenya.

    • Anonymous says

      You missed the point anonymous sir. Can’t you tell it is just that? That was a copy & paste from another page/forum….to rub it in for what I know to be wrong. By the way, WSR will never EVER BE the Kenyan VP! PERIOD! He is the Kenyan DEPUTY PRESIDENT! Get it sir?

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