Ruto’s Habit Of Crying Explained

Ruto’s Habit Of Crying Explained

This will be a two part series, dont miss out on part II to be publish later today!

By pedro Tish, PhD


Ruto has recently resorted to crying, and mentioning God’s name in vain, all aimed towards a political gain.


Ruto’s sacrilegious and abominable hypocrisy is the theology of a man who waxes lyrical about prayer and Christianity as observed during the National Prayer Breakfast- a dude who is so much about kneeling down and stuff, in public but won’t live and/or walk The Christian values.


It’s a case of a man who has chosen to use religious deception as a way of rehabilitating his bartered image. Ruto has been in and out of court accused of theft on numerous occasions. Theft is a sin.


And Christianity calls on us to first return looted wealth before we can be forgiven. Am quoting Jesus. When you don’t return stolen wealth you are disobeying our Jesus.


He is currently being accused of not only genocide, but also annexing 100 acre piece of land from an old innocent non Kalenjin man in Eldoret. For the land case, even an average Kenyan knows, that this is one of those cases where you don’t wait “until proven guilty”.


It’s obvious from get-go who the “innocent” is. And yet, he denies everything, which adds up to lying under oath, where he swears by the book of God that he will say the truth, but then doesn’t sound truthful.


I have come across numerous women- and I know you have too- women who use tears as a way of controlling their lovers. And crying, or “pretense of crying” like Ruto is doing a.k.a crocodile tears is a way numerous women and men use to control lovers, parents, friends etc. 


In Kenya we have a plethora of churches started under the guise of “healing” and “miracles”. And so when a leader uses money meant for the poor to procure sh 100m jet services in which “massages” by mysterious people are alleged to have been offered in a flight in which he left his beautiful wife behind, then claims to be Christian, I begin to be worried.


Females Senators/MPs/politicians who made it to the Ruto jet, were said to be beautiful. It might appear like Ruto made specific requests for certain items from the “menu”.


There’s circumstantial and material evidence for me to believe that his tears are crocodile, and hypocritical tears. Deception by a man I suspect has symptoms of cluster B or rather borderline personality.


Let me explain Borderline Personality, which I suspect Ruto is. Borderline personalities are commonly seen among women, but can also be seen in men like Ruto who use crying as a tool of controlling their ‘subjects”.


They are lavish spenders- i.e. 100m jet. They just wonna shop and shop etc, with someone else’s money. Not their own. That’s what makes them feel better.


Another thing about borderline women, for example – if you text them that you can’t speak on phone because you are washing your car, they will text back something like “do you value that car more than me?”


Then you call her back and on phone she starts crying, crocodile tears of course. And then as a weak gentleman, you stop washing the car, and tell her, “honey, let me come to your house right away so I can wipe your tears away” and of course as soon as you say that and hang up she bursts into laughter.


And she is like yes, “I got you”.  She knows she’s got you under control. And it’s true emotionally you are under her control, coz you stopped washing your car, to go and wipe her tears away. She has your life under control.


And so you drive to her house (Borderline wont date you if you don’t have a car or using a matatu or have potential to buy one, so obviously you are driving. Between Uhuru and Raila, Ruto went with the richer option, remember?).


And so you arrive and then ring the bell, or knock, and then as soon as she knows you are at the door, she starts crying again. The woman who was laughing soon after you hang up is now crying again. As the weak man, you run for a tissue to wipe her tears.


But when you hug her, you have your head interlocked with hers, in which she is facing behind you. Then she is smiling-when you can’t see her face- coz she has scored a goal.


And so any time you have eye contact, she is crying, and when no eye contact, she is laughing at how stupid you are. All these in one encounter. It’s emotional control. If you have such a woman, run- it’s not love, its deception. She is using you as a tool to achieve her ends.


Borderline personalities, are lethal, they can cry just because you have said they are cheating on you, and they will cry until you get them onto your chest, and embrace them so they can hopefully stop crying.


They deceptively make you fear that pursuing their cheating or theft will make them cry. And of course, they get your sympathy. And this they learn from a very young age- probably 2. They use Crying as a tool of manipulating the system. 


And one more thing, Borderlines whether male or female are generous- for women with sex, for rich men- with money. Miguna claimed in his book that Ruto is generous.


Ruto- like a typical borderline- dishes out money to gain control as observed recently with AFC and Gor.


And to that Ruto’s paranoia, and you have a guy who would never leave a psychologist’s/ psychiatrist’s office without a diagnosis. To stop the impulsive crying, Ruto has to deal with his inner guilt.


And we know where his guilt is coming from. He has to do closure with all the theft of state resources, by a)accepting and apologizing, and b)returning all the loot.