…of Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency and threats of economic sanctions

…of Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency and threats of economic sanctions



The emerging political groupings are reshaping the political terrain to a point of making it clear that it will indeed be a two horse race as once predicted by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Opinion polls have confirmed that the race is between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his Deputy Uhuru Kenyatta running on ODM and TNA respectively.

That means that an Uhuru presidency is a huge possibility, in the event the courts clear him to run for office.

However, Uhuru has a case that is still pending at the International Criminal Court, in the Hague Netherlands. With this in mind, this article intends to break it down into what an Uhuru Presidency would mean for Kenya.

Even though hon. William Ruto does not feature highly in the polls, he would also expose Kenya to a similar predicament, but given his opinion poll performance, his chances of clinching the presidency seem remote, at least for now.

It is also important for us Kenyans to ponder about the implications of threats of sanctions by the United States of America. A few weeks ago, USA secretary of state Hillary Clinton while in Nairobi intimated that Washington could impose sanctions were any of the ICC suspects to be elected president.

The USA sanctions will simultaneously be followed by other leading western countries and supra national organizations; European Commission, European Union member countries, Australia, Canada, Japan ,South Korea, World Bank, IMF and  UN among others.

Whether the imposition of sanctions would be a fair move is not important, the fact is that “uncle Sam” said it will happen.

There’s not a time they threatened any country from Zimbabwe to Cuba to Iran to North Korea sanctions and it failed to happen. Iran is the latest country to be relegated to a basket case, only last week thousands of Iranians were on the streets protesting the harsh effects of the USA led sanctions.

For this we like shouting back that “ooh! Kenya is a sovereign nation that should be left to chart her own course”. Fine!  Let us also respect the US when it charts its own course! They have their country, and we have ours.

Just as much as Kenya has its sovereignty which I would hope is respected, I also find it prudent to respect the US when it pursues its interest consistent with its desire to take the decision it considers the most “morally sound”. It’s their call, just like we have our call that we will exercise in the 2013 polls.

Before I delve into the next part, and to avoid any contradiction, I wish to reiterate that The ICC suspects are innocent unless proven otherwise.

Let us also be in agreement that Kenya is a sovereign nation that should be left to chart its political direction.  So don’t fight me back with this line. It’s out of the question. Now find a more concrete way of responding to this.

Also, it is my conviction that, whether Uhuru or Ruto are on the ballot is a non-issue, what is at stake- and this is what Kenyans need to be civic-educated on- are the consequences of what their presidencies would portend.

Elections do have consequences. And I like citing The 1928 US election which paved way to Herbert Hoover- the 31st US president- and his presidency culminated in the well documented Great Depression era of the 1930s.

Hoover’s went down as the most economically disastrous presidency in the 20th Century USA Presidential History.

However, in the Kenyan case, and as we shall see later on in this article, we have the privilege of predictability- we can predict unlike the people that elected Herbert Hoover.

It is within our power to change the course of our beloved nation’s future.  We can choose the path to economic annihilation and obliteration or decide to play it safe with “anything but sanctions”.

The March 2013 elections are about taking Kenya the Singapore way, or the Zimbambwe way.

It’s about making sure that Kenya goes the South Korea way, and not the North Korea way.

2013 presents Kenyans with a stark choice between a prosperous nation versus a failed state.

The choices in the coming elections are stark, like day and night, it’s about Sanctions versus staying the course towards the Vision 2030.

It’s your choice to ensure that the Vision 2030 dream doesn’t end up like the numerous receding policy mirages that have continued to dog this beloved country that the forbears bequeathed unto us.

Because let’s face it, going by Clinton’s warning, take it or leave it, sanctions are effectively a horse in this 2013 race.

And when sanctions are on the ballot, every Kenyan too gets on the ballot, because it becomes a matter of everyone for himself, God for us all- say after me- “I AM ON MY OWN”. Call me selfish, but if my fate is on the ballot- am not stupid- I would take a decision that saves me a calamity.

That’s the horrible circumstance that Clinton’s pronouncement predisposes us to. But the truth is what it is, she said it, and from history, when they warn, it happens.

If Clinton is to be believed, a vote for either Uhuru or Ruto would be a “vote for sanctions”.

What I mean is that say UK makes it to the second round; it will be “Sanctions versus X” (the other person).

The choice is yours. You can only blame yourself for making the wrong choice- the choice is very clear, like Obama calls it between day and night.

With sanctions as one of the horses, March 2013 is about every Kenyan for himself, God for us all. And like I have said, you- every single Kenyan- will be on that ballot and I would recommend that you vote for yourself.

We will be going into an exam room with a leakage- to sit for an exam whose answers we have seen beforehand.

And I won’t give you the answer to this one, but between Sanctions versus Kingwa Kamencu, any time, I would pick the latter. It boils down to anybody but sanctions.

Kenya’s US$ 65b is so tiny an economy, compared to like Iran’s which was $200b   before sanctions, and in that case, Kenya cannot afford sanctions and as a consequence, it stands to be obliterated by a sanctioned presidency.

The small size means that the wiggle room is so narrow, especially in view of what we saw happen to the economy during the stint of the Post Election violence.

Very few generations in history, have gotten the opportunity to predict disastrous futures of their time with 100% certainty.

Like Sunday comes after Saturday, and based on Clinton’s pronouncements, we can predict with accuracy that Sanctions induced calamity is a horse in this election.

Truth be told that a Kenyatta or a Ruto presidency would be a disaster that is predictable but within our reach to mitigate.

I chose to communicate this in very simple and easy to comprehend language- I can feel – it’s a very weighty calling; I want everyone to understand, with unambiguous clarity- don’t say I didn’t tell you.

This is those articles you write as a matter of duty and love for your motherland. A nation where Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, J.M. Kariuki, Dedan Kimathi did not die in vain.

Dear compatriots, we are a nation at a crossroads, and it is within our reach to change the course of this nation’s history and destiny.

But what really does it mean to be a nation under sanctions, which an Uhuru presidency portends?

First, with countries hesitating to trade with Kenya in the event of sanctions- Coffee, Tea and Horticulture industries would literally collapse.  Our trade with the EU, which accounts for 20% of Kenya’s total trade, would end.

As a result, an Armageddon proportion of business collapse would ensue.

Non-Performing Loans would stifle the banking sector, because, Agriculture which is the backbone of Kenya’s economy would be bleeding.

Banks would literally collapse because most banks’ loans have farms and agricultural assets as collateral. Joblessness would intensify. Poverty would grind. Mortgage holders would lose homes. Retrenchments galore, worse than what we had in the 90s, would resurface.  The consequences are vicious.

Kenya would slide onto a great depression. Nyachae’s Economy in ICU analogy would be an understatement.  Kenya’s pride and envy as the hub of East and Central Africa would be in jeopardy and in its place we would be a laughing stock of the region.

With budget cuts, an Uhuru or Ruto presidency would reduce the KDF into a ragtag militia, mediocre to even a 4 man Navy Seal Team, because budget cuts would mean that the government would have to prioritize. Terrorists would flatten Nairobi.

And like in North Korea- Kenyans would live on dog meat and barks of trees as delicacies to circumvent drought effects in the face of sanctions. Njeru  Githae’s prescription of rats for dinner – you remember that-  would become Kenya’s signature dish.

My utmost hope and prayer is that out of mercy and compassion, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto should put the children, youth, the poor and the suffering of this country before self, and decide to suspend their presidential ambitions until they are cleared.

Let’s face it; the moment has arrived for Ruto to not just don a cap whose 4 colors are a symbol of national pride- black, green, red and white – but to live and walk the patriotism that his cap represents.

Uhuru on the other hand is a name that invokes the “trophy” after a long struggle by great Kenyans like Dedan Kimathi, Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboya, Bildad Kagia, Achieng Oneko and Jaramogi Odinga.

These founders of our nation did not fight for “Uhuru” so their children would end up in bondage of sanctions.

An Uhuru or Ruto presidency- if the sanctions will materialize- would actually be more punitive to the very youth and hustlers whose cause they purport to advance.

I therefore solemnly urge you to join me in asking UK and WSR to seize this moment and save Kenya’s economy from imminent obliteration, which would be a certainty under their presidency.

Take this to the bank; sanctions will be a horse in this election.


    • samuel ayaya says

      A moron can not wrtite such an article. Of course it’s possible that you do not understand the meaning of the word just like you can’t follow a straight forward simple article like this.

    • says

      Hey Frank I'm an avid reader. In fact I've written many online articles. But I know how important it is to write small sized articles that hit straight to the point. That's why I got impatient while reading this article. If found the writer not articulate and straight to the point and thus an instant turn-off.

      • RASHID WANJALA says

        JiAmaze Keru, send us links to your articles, so we can see how writing is done, just post the links here. However, I wanted the target audience to understand, I know its long, but I wanted even a 5th grader to be able to understand, not just educated pple like u- PhDs like u. Simple language is what the masses understand. It was originally 800 words, but I broke it down, to eliminate ambiguities, and to eliminate big PhD level words, does that make sense? Some big words gave birth to 12 words, but my pride is all my pieces go viral, and thats the secret. 50,000 hits is what this article attracted and still counting

    • says

      You are the kind who are given the facts, but still choose to remain in their cocoons instead of thinking. The facts of what an UK presidency will bring unto you as an individual, but you still choose to go the 'peoples choice' way, God help your ilk.

    • says

      @Njogu… a coccon is just a protective covering made of silk by some insects in their pupal stage. It's not an insult as you seem to think so "remaining in a coccon" is a figure of speech to refer to those who prefer to 'hide' from facts.

    • says

      @Warren i don't know u n neither am there 4 the abusive language u r raising here this was my opinion n by any chance if kuna some1 2 Fuck bring your mama 2 mi she can tast my candy magic stik style up u gay.

    • says

      Wow… just like a certain "grown man" who stands up to address a crowd and in a retarded way hurls insults like "mavi ya kuku." What a shame when people can't have an intelligent conversation.

    • Hrh Destiny says

      yeah sovereign state my foot small wonder the mpigs and the president are ranked as the highest paid in the world whilst people are wallowing in sinful poverty way to go sovereign state that health care is ranked the lowest,sovereign state that it can only transport 20% since years ago and still indebt with world bank and whilst you ponder on the sovrenity of kenya ponder this when the dollar will up to 1000k you will not be singing sovereign state but what the hell!!soveregn state my ass when your edu will not be recognised just coz you voted a muderer and as much as not proven guilty is as guilty as the devil himself you keep up the sovereign state as you eat one meal a day and others feast on your taxes yeah!!sovereign state my foot and little toe.

  1. says

    bt what should we do? uhuru wave is too strong , n even if I change personally it will be a drop in the sea…most other candidates stand no chance..save raila-who has shot himself on the foot by alienating ruto -n failing to reach out 4 kambas(the only strategy 4 winning )..that is democracy 4 u…

    • says

      Actually Uhuru's team has alot of credit bcoz of their advocacy in promoting peace,2getherness,national unity & cohesion which is tha thirst 4 all kenyans.,2ndly tha slogan..'I believe'.reminds us of tha Obama's slogan 'yes we can'.which evry bdy fell in.

    • Star Lings says

      Poorly researched article. USA is not even an ICC signatory. Uhuru is DPM with a case pending even now, where are the sanctions. What about the chinese equation!

    • Tonee Wanjiru says

      uhuru should just shut up! kenya deserves better: Equality, Justice, Integrity ahd Harmony….those in the current parliament have yet to demonstrate that….and Uhuru is one of front runner. Karua could do better.

    • says

      B4 jst airing ua opinion,do u think uhuru ca make a good president?to me i dont think so…we expected mch from kibaki bt now look what the country is turning to….believe it or nt i thnk rao can do better!!!

    • says

      The truth stands out, the YK fellows can't think of a country where they can't control the resources, patronage. We are better with leaders who have a vision for the common mwananchi than one who thinks can become a king.

    • Tonee Wanjiru says

      Kinuthia Kamau …You are wrong. Kenya deserves Untainted Leadership…i advocate for clean hands such as: Karua, Kenneth or Kiyapi.

    • Fbo Fazul says

      Kinuthia Kamau u probably high on weed,kenya nds other nations to realize its development agenda stp thinking just tribe,

    • says

      Read again star,he said US is not an ICC signatory but they are decision makers for UN which in tern makes decisions for ICC. Look at the Chinese equation. China is one of North Korea's best friends but people are eating dog meat in N. Korea. Kenya is majorly a service economy, china will only clap for us for making a mistake. believe you me the money we get from the west is what we share with the over burdened china with billions of mouths to feed. don't forget that 70% of wealth in Kenya is in the hands of foreigners including the recently sold Rift Valley Railways, Safaricom, Airtell plus many more.

  2. Anonymous says

    No sanctions coming our way.this is straight out of the orange corner.UK made it clear he will co operate with ICC even if he were president.This fright campaign won’t work.Anyway I give it to you,nice try.

  3. Andrew-Brave Agumba says

    Yes Kenya is sovereign but we need to trade with others, so we need them. Yes Kenyans need to spell their own course, but remember at times we wrongly do as humans. Yes US is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, constituting ICC, but they sit and decide in the UN's Security meetings, so they influence ICC.
    If the 2030 dream has to come true, then the era Kenya is in is not for making mistakes anymore. We better be focused and elect a leader who attracts development partners.

    • says

      Uhuru presidency would mean the collapse of the central province economy, so let the people think, compare Uhuru's and Kenneth CDF development records then one can see the truth and lies being propagated.

  4. chris says

    this is the reality on the ground. Kenya cannot withstand economic sanctions. This will lead to economic hemorrhage; slow death. Uhuru and Ruto should drop their presidential ambitions and concentrate of their defences.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hata mtu wakatae aje hio ndio ukweli the bitter truth hata kama kuna mtu hataki kusikia lastly they will swallow

  6. samuel ayaya says

    I hope our brothers are reading this and taking heed. I will not surprised if they scoff at this as threats from a Luo in USA to favor another.

    • rashid wanjala says

      Samuel Ayaya, first am not Luo, am Luhya.
      Secondly, M in Canada, not USA.
      I was just stating what Clinton said, and the breaking it down the consequences

  7. Anonymous says

    The truth of the matter is that Kenya is going down the drain because politicians have not thought about the well being of this country. They are consumed by hatred for rivals and in the process dragging along the rivals communities. If only the leading candidates would have a thorough self reflection about the dangers each of them posed to this nation(if elected to be president), I believe they would be able to take decisions that are in the best interest of all Kenyans not just a few tribesmen.
    Let us politic with reason. No sacrifice is too expensive for the sake of your motherland.

    • wilhelmus murauni says

      Uhuru wave isn’t strong any where, a new house will always woo many tenants without knowing the real cause of running for it. for those of us who understands what is going on we have plans and will always be there to save kenyans who does not understand.Leave alone those ones running up and down aimlessly, they are going no where.

  8. says

    Hahaha! Shame! I might be against their presidency, but the cowardise and total submission to West’s neocolonialism shown in this article will make me defy and vote for Uhuru.

    Fuck America and her sanctions! I dont like the way America plays double speak of free and fair while rejecting a free and fair election just coz Uhuru will give contracts to China n not the west.

    • Anonymous says

      vote for poverty to ur neigbour. zimbabwe has tried and failed n its back begging. iran has all the oil u can dream off but it is suffering. if u think carry notes in a wheelbarrow is balling vote for him

  9. john says


  10. Demwa wa kiriangi says

    First of all the u.s is not a signitory to rome statute,secondly it will be aganist democracy for the us to reject or impose sancion to a leader who has been elected democraticaly by the majority,thirdly uhuru does nor pose any threat to the u.s,fouthly the east will veto such a move . last point if you do not know how much blood was shed by our ansestors trying to fight for our independence, then continue praising the west

  11. Dickson Magecha says

    Wait till we get the oil flowing.. the west will come begging. you say its a two horse race and one horse is out. are we going to let the west choose our leaders now? I may not like UK, and wont vote for him, but my gall rises when I think of how we are being made to kow-tow to the US/EU hegemony. are we a failed state now? we are fighting their battles in the region as is and have been the biggest ally for the last 50 years. what do we get? We are by far the most democratic and free society in the Eastern african region, but somehow we find ourselves in the receieving end. Anyway, whether you like it or not, the future belongs to the east, that's where your economic prosperity will come from. the era of the US/EU lording over the world is over, at least for now while they sort their debt crisis and repair their economies.
    either way, who says a UK president wont coperate with the ICC? thast the whole premise of your article. don't put the cart before the horse.

    • Anonymous says

      speculations still. the oil has not yet been proved economically viable. what if the oil is too little? do you still think will survive the sanctions

  12. Patrick Gathogo says

    This is one of the best analytical pieces i have not read for a long time, the facts are there, examples are given. Just wish Kenyans can for a moment sit down and think carefully what all this means to this nation from an informed point of view and utilize their brains to make the right choice.

  13. says

    This is becoz of money uhuru is among the richest people in world so he do any thing to buy even the his fellow mps.their main agenda is to block raila from assending to state house.

  14. says

    Brothers Remember every one is entitled to his or her opinion. But let us look into the real issues. I believe someone can come to your house and advice you what to do if you have a family dispute for instance and try to have it settled out. But if such a person comes later on and tells you that the fact that now you have settled and ironed out the dispute that that son of yours should not be considered to have a share of his right to property or your wife though you have ironed out issues should not be loved or entitled to your care, i belief, that person will be going too far. I am one of those who respect Annan, but should have been diplomatic and should have approached the Kenyan issues with Caution. He should Not have started by threatening Kenyans that they should respect certain Leaders, but should have left the due process of the law to follow and Let the Kenyans whom i believe are intelligent to make their decision and NOT to alarm them. and THAT IS WHERE HE FAILED.

    In any event if the ICC process was to be fair, the two so called Principles were the heads in the electoral disputes, they shold too be charged. We can therefore elect wisely with the advise of Annan to anyone exept Raila Odinga, Kosgey Ruto, and Uhuru. But as long as there is exeception for one, it means there could be western influence, in which case i believe the west is so much worried about Kenya’s Relationships with the East rather than the West

  15. Wanjiru Nganga says

    Nyasimi, you are confusing issues. you sound like an average villager somewhere in Nyeri or Muranga. The East that Kibaki is masturbating is exporting even watchmen to Kenyan. have seen a German,Brit, Denish or American washing toilets in your county? Support TNA with reasons not bullshiting!!

    • Anonymous says

      kijana uhuru has been the DPM, the guy has large tracts of land the size of nyanza province yet idps are mostly his own people. kuna wamama na vijana camps amewasaidia wapi. other communities accomodate the kikuyu and that is why theyre vastly spread out. try and see how many outside communities are accomodated in central province, am sorry but there is only one community which makes every other community tribalistic.

  16. Claude B. Muthee says

    I am a very worried man about my beautiful country which now stands at the brink of the precipice. I am not campaigning for anyone and I value the people of Kenya much more than any one individual. Mr. Wamalwa’s piece should be read with an open mind; true Kenya stands at a crossing, the choices we make will determine our futures and that of our children. I do not agree with the West’s wanton bullying of weaker countries, but read the article again and then ask yourself this, “Would you risk your child’s future for the sake of Uhuru or Ruto?” I have nothing against either of them but my answer is NO!!

    • says

      I have read all the noise you have penned down on the "consequences" of a Uhuru Kenyatta Presidency. Once again thankyou for first admitting that Uhuru will Win the next election with a landslide.

      Allow me to very briefly address your fears of sanctions from the west in case Uhuru is sworn in.

      The USA, UK and other imperialistc outfits need Kenya more than Kenya needs them. As a matter of fact our biggest trading partners are ordinary African countries like Uganda and Tanzania who account for 85% of the trading activities. For strategic reasons if USA and UK drops Kenya as her trading partner China and India will come running. Already China is reaping from the economic relationship Kibaki established. Uhuru is no different he is going East and not west!

      We have some dignity as a people!

  17. kate says

    uhuru kenyatta should step down. not that he is unfit, infact he has the intelligence and breath of fresh air required to set Kenya on a new course towards prosperity. however as the 2007/2008 persecution of the kikuyu nation ( dont call it pev,its was an odm lead anti kikuyu purge that resulted in 1/2million kikuyus escaping death by leaving their homes in most parts of kenya) proved , the nation might be torn apart by anti kikuyu sentiment if a kikuyu is at the helm again.
    the west have anointed raila and as wahenga say.. mwenye nguvu mpishe.. lets accept their choice. after all we have accepted all their other facets of neo- colonialism such as busy bodies ngo and civil societies . lets elect their prince for the sake of stability in the country,

  18. says

    Rashid Wanjala… u could not have writen this 'out of love for your motherland'! I bet it's out of fear and reverence of the imperialists. Why couldn't u address the west and tell them to.

    • says

      to LEAVE US TO DECIDE WHO/WHAT IS GOOD FOR US! Would the sanctions hurt UK & WSR or the commoner they are ostensibly protecting? If their 'goodwill' for the common kenyan is their driving force and not hatred for UK or WSR or even the current admin, then i'd expect better than your article alleges!


      Ben Karanja, am sure Kenya today would be willing to publish your rebuttal if you invoke your right of reply article where you would take care of that perspective.

  19. Denis Kapten says

    Whether we like it or not an Uhuru or Ruto presidency would be bad for Kenya’s economy. Kenya may be a sovereign state alright but we still need relations with other countries for the purposes of trade. If trade sanctions are imposed on Kenya, it means Kenya won’t be able to export or import commodities from other countries and this would lead to the collapse of several economic sectors of the economy. And even China on its own won’t be able to solve all our problems. I urge Kenyans to be realistic on this matter.

  20. Anonymous says

    our exports will die were not the only agriculture producining country we dont have the black gold we dont even have gold itself. our minerals are not as important. were already colonised by debt whether we like it or not. we need the west. we have tasted life without sanctions try one with sanctions and youll be asking why you let tribalism rule us. pleeease we plead ur the kenyan. the leaders u vote for have safe heavens out of kenya n they wont feel anything. continue pretending like we dont need the west and you know we survive on donor funds

  21. Anonymous says

    if uhuru or ruto were really the peoples president they wouldve stepped down instead of gambling with the peoples livlihood and economic peace.

  22. Evenings George Orwa says

    Nobody is wiser than this guy, the problem is that he is addressing pigs like us, with a language of 'cleanliness'. Let those who have ears to hear! Those who are buried in tribal slug will wallow and whine up! Big thumbs up Rashid Wanjala…not that I like u…the truth is that I don't know u…yet the fact is that I know wisdom when I c one!

  23. Anonymous says

    i don’t know wt is in the mind of the people from central Kenya. they want all Kenyan to server because they are protecting one of their own since they have lots of money they have stolen from the government. my appeal to fellow Kenyan is that let as choose wisely.

    • dishon says

      @WARREN MACHANI don’t use abusive language 2 mi,i never told u am a tribalist it was ma opinion n if u want mi 2 fuck some1 bring your mama are make her taste ma dick.

      • Anonymous says

        if u think neocolonialism is worse try life after sanction, iran, syria, zimbabwe and sudan will tell you best n i c kenyans heading thea.

  24. Anonymous says

    Time has come for kenya to stand for what our fore fathers fought for.we defeatd them then while armed with crude weapons like pangas am sure we wil defeat them in march 2013. Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka, wa rais ni rais kama vile wahenga walisema.UK ua dad led us frm misri to canaani tuko nyuma yako til the end Obama has 1 term tunaweza vumilia if worse comes to worse in terms of sanctions. for the last 10 yrs kenya has coopertd with the east n we can see the legacy kibaki wil leave behind to hell with boot leaking we wil die on our feet n not knees hatutishiki hatubabaiki.

  25. Anonymous says

    We r not ready to be led by a person from a lineage of desparation for power, who wud to anythin to ascend n retain power, a perfect puppet for the west. Usa si wajinga wameona mafuta na wameona mjinga waku puppet tujichunge tusiwe kama babu zetu ambao waliambiwa tufunge macho tuombe na walipi sema amen walijipata na bibilia mkononi na hawana mashamba roundi hii ni mafuta tuko nayo.its only a fool who is cheated twice tuerevuke wakenya.

  26. Anonymous says

    Infrastructure stimulates the economy because it creates jobs that circulates in the market faster. Now the Blowjobs that Kibaki has been giving the Chinese has only resulted in them coming and taking the hawking businesses, and construction jobs that would have gone to kenyans thus stimulating the ecomony.

  27. Shepherd boy says

    William, i agree dat kenya needs kenyatta n ruto togetha more than ever.the only two communities who hav been fightin every election period wil for once be at peace n dats more than a blessin.

  28. Shepherd boy says

    Rashid its time dat Africa shud stop seeing themselves as ants.the usa economy is substantialy dependent on blacks we av even donated a president to them n the main reason Gadaffi had to b overthrown becoz he preached for a united states of africa.why wud the west champion uhuru n ruto shud b tried at the heague n yet they r nt a party to the statute?

  29. Shepherd boy says

    Uhuru is a movement n peoples believes n aspirations n not an individual we wil nt accept blackmail by powers that be.he is the order of the day the don the prince.

  30. says

    UK is not running my friend and that is trouble for your pay master RAO. Now stand creating incriminating stories for MM, and do not forget to respond to issues raised by Miguna is his book about the poor leadership skill of RAO and how he turned a blind eye to malpractice and corruption in his office

  31. Sosthenes Bichanga says

    The Western Nations should not behave like dictators and colonialists for Kenya. Uhuru has the right to rule Kenya democratically. Let them do the sanctions and Kenya will continue. They can not dictate us the person to elect.

    Kibaki turned away from such dictators to China and we have fared better then Moi’s time with the Parish Club.

  32. Anonymous says

    This article just reeks of fear and intimidation through and through, and is backed up, quite impressively, with hard facts and concrete examples of how that intimidation has been used before to cow people into coercion and submission to the West. The article clearly regards the US as a god, to be feared and revered and worshiped by every other nation in the world. An ant has no quarrel with the boot so for the sake of argument let’s assume that to be the case. Hillary then comes with a message from god (the US), which declares two of our candidates unfit for presidency based on the fact that they have cases pending at the world court. This basically means they have endorsed the other candidate(s), along with all the cases of corruption and other economic crimes facing them in our own local courts. who in your opinion is the moral one among our presidential candidates? Trust me if the US wanted Jubilee in power they would use the same cold war tactics to rally us behind Uhuru and Ruto, and make the ICC look like an ant which has no quarrel with the boot! So how can you be so easily convinced that your vote not cast in favor of the US will spell your doom? Are you that naive? For how long will you allow yourself to be manipulated and remote controlled and experimented on like a lab rat! Take your stand. Be original for once. Don’t vote one way and not the other just because Hillary says. Use your brain and intelligence to independently question why Hillary is opposed to an Uhuru presidency. Don’t let the ICC influence your judgement, not any more than the graft cases pending in our own local courts should! We have even had a legitimate government challenged through a failed coup attempt. Tell Hillary about it when you see her.

  33. Grace Mbotha says

    have u proved the uhuru ruto guilty? don forget america is the most distabilising nation on earth, thats why most african countries are going east. america is not God and its not the end of the earth, we still will and shall triumph over because our first president blessd Gods people, uhuru will still be blessed as a seed of the president. Watch how raila falls like mighty Goliath fell with a thund!!!!!

  34. says

    Kenya belongs to Kenyans Me as a Kenyan am like an unfortunate child born by girl who has not been married traditionally whoever marries the he automatically becomes my father. Whoever wins the Presidency of this country becomes our president not regardless of weather i voted for Him or not.

  35. Patricia Munayi says

    Reminds me of Mugabe antics and this thing about Africa and liberation when prospects for sanctions were in the offing due to his poor governance record. Now the brother has but a couple of coins to run his government. Who is getting burnt now? the common person in Zimbabwe. Kenyans first, individual ambition takes the back sit! Do Kenyans even listen?

  36. majaliwa benjamin says

    there few kenyanz who want to demolish this country completely, lets take for instance, what will kenyan do with 10million shillings note which will be valueless, because of these santions imposed uhuru kenyatta?, stupid kenyans, kenya greately depend on fund and grants from western countries, kenya is an independent state but stable,

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