Fall Of Mugumo Tree A Bad Omen For Uhuru’s Candidacy

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By Kimani wa Muhoro

Central Kenya residents of Giakanja village in Nyeri County are now worried and desolate over the Mugumo tree that fell at Giakanja village, Nyeri County.

With the General Election looming, elders verdict was that it signifies that their son Uhuru Kenyatta will lose in the election. They hope that it signifies the end of Kibaki’s reign.

Elders who were consulted at that time intimated that whenever that happens, a great leader falls from Grace to Grass. When it happened in 1992, Matiba’s campaign begun to crumble resulting in a humiliating loss by Moi in 1992.

Just before the assassination of anti-Kenyatta Central Kenya’s political hope for the landless masses, JM Kariuki in 1979, a Mugumo tree in Ndaragwa fell a day before JM Kariuki was found dead.

Elders therefore suggest a ritual ceremony to appeal to mwene nyaga(the owner of all Ostriches-god) to intercess and save the imminent loss of Uhuru Kenyatta.

They dont take a shrine’s fall for granted. Given its deep roots, and longevity, it takes the spirits and the gods to bring down a tree as invinciple as the fig tree which is the dwelling place of god for the Agikuyu people of Central Kenya.

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