Fall Of Mugumo Tree A Bad Omen For Uhuru’s Candidacy

Fall Of Mugumo Tree A Bad Omen For Uhuru’s Candidacy

By Kimani wa Muhoro

Central Kenya residents of Giakanja village in Nyeri County are now worried and desolate over the Mugumo tree that fell at Giakanja village, Nyeri County.

With the General Election looming, elders verdict was that it signifies that their son Uhuru Kenyatta will lose in the election. They hope that it signifies the end of Kibaki’s reign.

Elders who were consulted at that time intimated that whenever that happens, a great leader falls from Grace to Grass. When it happened in 1992, Matiba’s campaign begun to crumble resulting in a humiliating loss by Moi in 1992.

Just before the assassination of anti-Kenyatta Central Kenya’s political hope for the landless masses, JM Kariuki in 1979, a Mugumo tree in Ndaragwa fell a day before JM Kariuki was found dead.

Elders therefore suggest a ritual ceremony to appeal to mwene nyaga(the owner of all Ostriches-god) to intercess and save the imminent loss of Uhuru Kenyatta.

They dont take a shrine’s fall for granted. Given its deep roots, and longevity, it takes the spirits and the gods to bring down a tree as invinciple as the fig tree which is the dwelling place of god for the Agikuyu people of Central Kenya.


  1. ben koros says

    He is doomed to loose anyway so there is no need of crying foul over the fall of a mugumu tree. We want a good kenya led by good leaders not tainted ones like Uhuru. Let him clear with the ICC first then he can vie for presidency maybe in 2022.

  2. Kwamchetsi Makhokha says

    It means that the gods of the Agikuyu are bitter of the lands that Kenyatta stole from the children of Mumbi and Gikuyu

  3. Mukolwe Julius says

    This signifies that the gods are angered by the evil acts of the agikuyu community considering that they misuse leadership positions,RIP AGIKUYUS

  4. Muriungi Muthaura says

    you are right Uhuru seems to be a dying horse, the gods are tired and sick that their blessings upon Uhuru have been taken for granted

  5. Elsy says

    Kenyan’s should learn to embrace Christ and accept Him in their lives….lets forget abt wht was done in the yester years by our fore-fathers and wait for the wil of God to take place. He(God) loves us as a nation and has good plans for all of us!! For nw let us preach peace every where we go. GOD BLESS KENYA!

    • says

      You are right my friend.lets stop wasting our time making vile speculations.the truth is God is in operation and will give us the right leader of this country.Lets trust in His sovereignity.

  6. says

    i want to ask our brothers and sisters from Central Kenya to stop tribalism and elect a leader who can take as to the next step even if we elect someone from our tribe we still suffer hata kama ni raila ama Mudavadi maisha ni sawa.

  7. says

    Bad luck indeed for Mr. Kenyatta’s son. I wish him the best as he co-operate with the ICC’s pending cases. However, lets not speculate about it. The whole truth will be justified after the 4th of March’s election.
    Lets not fabricate our tales that would discourage any of the aspirant to vie. They are Kenyans after all and their destiny is in our hand.

    Don’t vote for your own glorifications but for the nation’s prosperity.

  8. Jackton Ogwen says

    It means a change from an older generation to young generation of leadership. Since the tree fell in kibakis backyard of nyeri. It means leadership is moving from kibaki to younger leadership. Jubilee seem to be the younger team so fortunately or unfortunately, Uhuru is the next president.

  9. Njuguna njuguna says

    The gods are angry and unless we as the house of mumbi changes to concider other communities for the reconstruction of Nation,more negatives are the way.let give Raila or else its our end

  10. James Wabwire says

    Has the tree fallen in Rift Valley, Luo Nyanza, Western or Maasai land, North Eastern or Eastern, Coast or on the isles.
    The fall of the mugumo tree touches on the house of Mumbi and end to the era of house of mumbi enjoying the great tidings that the people the Kenyan community has to offer. And yes it could mean also that then there is a new era where they do not necessarily have to feel threatened with the new structure of a devolved government. So let them look at it positively and not go gagas and panicky about it, after all they are also Kenyans.

  11. necho kennedy says

    this does not mean anything at all. it is life as usual. as God fearing nation we need not speculate. Vote wisely

  12. Mark Onyango says

    If we really want to get superstitious, the fall of the Mugumo is not good for the house of Mumbi. The Mugumo has always been an epitome of the Agikuyu deity. APPEASE YOUR GODS OR PERISH.

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