Kenya: The Nation Of “ACCEPT AND MOVE ON”

Flawed polls

Lets accept and move on;

Rampant corruption in government, typo errors, anglo leasing,triton
Lets accept and move on;

Syokimau people evicted, from land they legally acquired while others inherit and keep illegally acquired land
Did I not say we accept and move on;

IEBC’s equipment gone gagna
Don’t mention accept and move on;

IEBC refuses to release public documents that should be readily available for public scrutiny
Just shut up, accept and move on

Shut up and move on so that we can look peaceful and happy with the rot in our country
….Accept and Move on

Kenya is an ACCEPTING AND MOVING ON NATION… where peace is a must, but justice and integrity are optional
What say you as a citizen of this ACCEPT AND MOVE ON NATION