Joshua Sang’s Warning A Testmony That Ruto Is In A Lions’ Den

By Rashid Wanjala


Download >>  (alleged leaked secret strategy report on how Mt Kenya elite will deal with Ruto)

Joshua Arap Sang is a very wise, smart and shrewd man.  The truth behind his Youtube Video recording is that historically MoUs haven’t been dishonored. It is a well documented historical fact that Jomo Kenyatta dishonored the first MoU when he started cutting his VP to size as soon as he got into power.

The recent document ostensibly authored by Ngunyi’s The Consulting House, left no doubt that the Kiambu mafia plan to put Ruto on the chopping board as soon as they ascend to power. The document borrows heavily from how Ngei, Ronald Ngala, Fred Kubai and so on were undermined. (Read a related story

Sang’s foresight and vision for a better, peaceful and prosperous Kenya is guided by the reality that dishonoring MoUs by the Uhuru side, which is basically the same click which dishonored the 2002 Raila Kibaki MoU, and the 2008 Grand Coalition agreement, is a matter of when not if.

They are now more experienced in dishonoring MoUs, having done it since 1963. And the script is the same, that once they rise to power, Kibaki and Kenyatta turned their guns on the very person that helped them rise. Kenyatta turned his guns on Ngei, Ngala, Odinga, while Kibaki turned his guns on Raila. Team Uhuru already has a plan authored by Ngunyi.

What Sang is saying is that a dishonored Uhuru-Ruto MoU would be more consequential given the historical delicate co-existence between the Kalenjin and the Kikuyus in the Rift Valley. That would even be detrimental to the Uhuru, Ruto cases at The Hague. That even before their cases are over, a MoU would be dishonored, and whose consequence might be ethnic disharmony in the Rift Valley.

The consequence of a dishonored 1963 MoU was huge and continues to haunt Kenya to-date. The Kisumu massacre was one such consequence during the Kenyatta era. History is what has guided Sang’s objective decision. And objectivity rather than prevailing circumstances, will lead one to an infallible truth. An enduring truth.

Sang’s intellectual approach to this matter is a new ground that not a single scholar has broken. That’s why I call Sang’s wisdom Solomonic. Now there has to be a reason why 2 out of 3 or 65% of ICC accused from the R.Valley support Raila Odinga now. There has to be something that Sang and Kosgey see, but Ruto doesn’t see. Blindfolding happens in a kidnap scenario a lot.

Which makes me wonder whether Ruto was threatened/blackmailed with dire consequences by the custodians of ICC evidence? Just what is blinding his eyes when he continues to stick to that NSIS one-liner that Raila rather than PNU is behind his woes? Everybody knows, and Sang, has let the cat out of the bag, that PNU hardliners were responsible for his predicament.

Sang’s cry to the Kalenjin is the foresight of a man who has sensed danger, and is now distancing himself, or do I say washing his hands-off an imminent showdown within Jubilee in the unlikely event that Jubilee rises to power.

It’s not a matter of if, but a question of when, that an Uhuru-Ruto MoU is dishonored, because as contained in the Ngunyi authored document, they have a plan prepared and ready to go, by orchestrating a Ruto inability to perform his functions, by fast-tracking his land cases while reviving those already concluded.

Ngunyi believes that Ruto stepped on numerous toes to be Ruto’s running mate. Eg. Mudavadi is pissed off because Ruto threw his weight behind Uhuru during the Jubilee altercations, Eugene, Ngilu, Balala all wanted to be Uhuru running mates. These are pro-Uhuru but anti-Ruto forces who have instructions to cut Ruto to size through supporting TNA moved motions of no confidence.

Ruto is a marked man even before elections are over. And Sang’ knows that, given that he knows that PNU controlled security agents handed in evidence against them to the Hague.

And as aforementioned, the best route to peaceful co-existence is not Uhuru-Ruto wrangles that would ensue after the elections, but Sang’ appears to believe that a neutral arbiter between the two communities is what we need in State House.

Uhuru wont be neutral plus he would have tankers, all government machine guns at his disposal to “use in retaliation” to any “nyogo nyogo”. He has been accused of retaliating before he was president; one wonders what he might be accused of as Commander in Chief, with the nation’s arsenal at his disposal.

A person who can without leaning to either side, continue with reconciliation efforts between the 2 communities that reside in the R. Valley. The truth in his systematic analysis led him to Arap Mibei. It shouldn’t take Ruto long to agree with his 2 fellow Ocampo 3 from The Kalenjin.

Sang’s advice is Solomonic Wisdom that has to be aped by many.


  1. says

    Both Sang and Ruto are right. As I show on my website at Ruto was indeed framed by a PNU plot coordinated by Martha Karua. But she was helped by key Raila allies notably Omar Hassan. Ruto is no fool. You can be sure he knows all of this. And by the way the previous MOUs (and the secret agreement with Mudavadi) were not legally binding. The Jubilee MOU is. Also Ruto and Kenyatta are old friends. Ruto supported Kenyatta in 2002 also. Was he also blackmailed then?

  2. Paul Ambutsi says

    …Ngei, Jaramogi were no fools either!That sounds more like a consolation Giles,history is repeating itself and we know the foools! Let’s hope they will not cross the line and be immortalized as such in history.

  3. says

    It couldn't be more true. It's historical, we've seen it before. It always happens. When a deputy overplays the boss, he must be cut to size. Githong'o thought he was running with the boss's vision of zero tolerance to corruption but lo, he was mistaken! WSR might think historical land injustices will be sorted by his buddy, but No he is mistaken! HE will, like day be cut to size!

  4. says

    Ruto is lost plus again I think he is just a hustler who is power hungry but the hunger am sure shall continue for so long… after march 4th a state jet should carry them to the hague.

  5. says

    Its a fact Referencing to the history, It is deemed to happen just in case the Jubilee wins. Given that Ruto has numerous court cases in regards to land acquired fraudulently most probably the Jubilee govt will use this as basis to throw him out…..

  6. says

    Sang has only expressed his sentiments in public. But, this is what everyone thinks on the ground. We all know that an uhuru presidency will seek to retaliate for 07 and they dont honour agreements. The ground has shifted, urp all the way, lakini juu, tumia kichwa !!!

  7. Elijah Chbn Nyadowh says

    Liwe liwalo Uhuruto Tosha.Sang was always in ODM so it wasn't a surprise though the wife is URP die hard.

    • says

      Hi there…Kiuks don’t hate other tribes…what happens is…Rich people hate poor people…when we see things from that angle then we can learn to love and appreciate each other…

  8. dan says

    This is what will happen and imagine Kikuyus never support any tribe unless you are one of their own. If it is not Hounourable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Better head to Bondo, Mbiuki Kareke and Shebesh. Tafakarli hayo.

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