Jubilee may SALE Beijing Gold Medals in order to pay TEACHERS


By Koech Chemelil As Kenyan’s celebrated the coming of the Beijing heroes who took the Bird’s nest by storm, a section of kenyans-teachers- seemed disinterested with the goings on in JKIA. In fact, a good number of them wish that the Jubilee goverment should sell the medals harvested from Beijing in order to raise money […]

HERE are the Seven QUESTIONS Uhuru Cannot ANSWER


Here Are A Thousand Questions For Uhuru Kenyatta By Comrade Alberto Amenya – The Banana Peddler When President Moi was in power more than two decades ago, I was still in school – High school to be precise. Just like now, the economy was comatose with many political thugs fighting to keep politicians in power. […]

In 2022 William Ruto and his SUPPORTERS Must ACCEPT and MOVE ON!


By The Banana Peddler Albeit the wise say a guilty conscience needs no accuser, William Ruto has a cunning political stratagem that he applies when intimidating the Rift Valley apparachtrics who oppose him. Despite the warnings by his Kalenjin elders and political pundits, the DP caries on with his wantonness as if nothing matters. Spellbindingly, […]

WHY Governor Alfred Mutua’s HYPOCRISY STINKS all the way to Mt Kenya!


Dikembe: Gov. Mutua reminds me of Mr. Rip Van Winkle By Dikembe. Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua was the government spokesperson throughout President Kibaki’s tenure. To cry today because Kamba is not developed is to take Kambas for fools. Why did the government he passionately defended even to a point of insulting President Obama (then […]



By Dorcas Sarkozy We woke up to news of the usual shenanigans, a faction of ODM fighting for airtime with another faction of ODM. Jitambulishe outfit trying to outbox another initiative hatched and anchored by the party’s SG! If that wasn’t enough, party enthusiasts spent a whole day locking horns on who was right and […]

Raila Odinga’s REMARKS marking 5 years of the NEW CONSTITUTION


Fellow Kenyans. Today we celebrate the fifth year since we promulgated the new Constitution. We live in different country from the one we had five years ago, much more different from the one we had years before then. But we are not done. Our constitution has brought within reach opportunity, growth and improvement in people’s […]

The ANTIDOTE for Britain’s RACISM and SUPERIORITY Complex


By George Morara Britain and majority of The British population have such a negative attitude towards refugees and foreigners in general that only really the most desperate and or opportunists can want to come or seek refuge here. Policy regulating immigration and refuge treatment is so stupid, nobody is harvesting the benefits- of which there […]

EXPOSED: Key OBSTACLES making it HARD to SAVE Ruto from being JAILED in the Hague by the ICC


These are the obstacles: 1. President Uhuru, and Kenya, have recently renewed its ‘diplomatic relations’ with the West. The implication of this is that they cannot again accuse the West, especially America, for pushing the case. 2. The rejection of Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan, and the democratic election of Muhammadu Buhari, has tilted the […]

”SUGAR-GATE”: The Political GIFT that keeps GIVING


By Dorcas Sarkozy The tables are upside down. Jubilee is on the ropes and this time, the opposition got a rare political gift that keeps on giving. Uhuru’s sugar deal with Uganda was not only a case of executive overreach, but a blatant attempt to cripple the local sugar industry and render millions of Kenyans […]

Mutahi Ngunyi BOWS to PRESSURE, Promises NOT to abuse PM Raila as Lawyers set to PETITION DPP, NCIC and Police to take action


Sensing danger Uhuru top political consultant Mutahi Ngunyi has made a U-turn and vowed not to spread HATE in the person of Raila Odinga and the Luo Community. In a tweet synonymous with last kick of a dying horse, Ngunyi promises not to abuse Raila and pleads for PEACE: PEACE to Raila and his SLAVES. […]

HERE is Prof Makau Mutua’s opinion piece that ANGERED STATEHOUSE OPERATIVES


President Uhuru Kenyatta increasingly likely to drop William Ruto come 2017 By Prof Makau Mutua Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s CEO, has never been more confident. You can tell by the bravado and braggadocio with which he’s swatting political opponents. He’s treating the Opposition with contempt — like a bunch of flies. His diction — whenever […]

William Ruto’s GRAND DILEMMA: To go for Presidency in 2017 or wait God’s MIRACLE in ICC Trial


Deputy President William Ruto’s case at the ICC has been strengthened after ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda got a reprieve when Appeals Chamber ruled statements of witnesses who have left the case can be submitted into evidence. Some of these witnesses -and this is where the case gets complex -were state officials. They declined to cooperate […]

Mutahi Ngunyi’s HATE-FILLED attacks on Luo community STARTED with Jomo Kenyatta


By Ndung’u Wainaina Contextualizing Mutahi Ngunyi’s indefensible arrogance and contempt. It was reported that Mutahi Ngunyi was paid Kshs. 38 M for ‘work’ he did on NationalYouth Service. I have put ‘work’ in quotes. Consistently for the last one week Mutahi Ngunyi has arrogantly and contemptuously dismissed, collectively, Luo community as ‘Poverty Stricken’. Those who […]

ROASTED: TOP RESPONSES to Mutahi Ngunyi INSULTS on the Luo and Luyha


1. Nancy Bensouda: A rich-striken Luo just paid Ksh 30million as dowry in Meru#SomeoneTellNgunyi. 2. Mbuta Harake. ‪#‎SomeoneTellMutahiNgunyi‬ that ‪#‎PovertyStrickenLuo‬ women got too much swagg to be seen lining Koinange Street in cold weather nor camping at Simmers Restaurant not for any Rhumba mission but to sell out their bodies for a penny – and […]